KB Fitness members who have achieved both the KB Kickboxing Black Belt and KB Kung Fu Black Sash are part of the ‘KB Elite Squad’. These dedicated students have achieved this excellent standard under the tutelage of Chief Instructor Kelly Bunyan (KB).

The journey to the KB Elite Squad is highly challenging: years of training and commitment, passing through 14 KB Gradings, encompassing 6 levels in KB Kickboxing and 8 levels in KB Kung Fu. This select group of students embodies the highest standard of martial arts proficiency within the KB Fitness community.

A key trait of the members of the KB Elite Squad is their unwavering dedication to the KB Ethos. They serve as mentors, selflessly guiding and nurturing the next generation of KB martial artists. Despite being a sought-after achievement, from over 10 thousand members Kelly has taught throughout KB Fitness’ 25-year history, only 9 have reached the Elite Squad.

“The higher grades, especially the Elite Squad members, are so generous with their time and knowledge, a quality that was surely developed from years of training under Kelly. Their unwavering support and encouragement inspire me to push past my limits and strive for excellence,” said Kim.

“Their dedication to their own training, but also to the newer generation, is very inspiring. They not only help with technique but also instil in us the belief that with dedication and perseverance, we can achieve anything,” said Adam.

Of the members who have achieved Elite Squad status, 7 continue to train diligently, inspiring others to persevere and advance in their martial arts journey. The KB Elite Squad eagerly awaits the addition of new members to their ranks, fostering a community built on passion, resilience, and continuous growth.

Are you curious about martial arts? Have you been searching for ‘kickboxing classes near me’? You too can aim high and become an Elite Squad member. Everything starts with the first step; book your first KB Kickboxing London class today. 




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