Are you concerned about your employees being attacked and generally feeling unsafe?

It’s hard not to worry about your staff when they’re heading home from the office, travelling to a meeting, working from home, or even due to the nature of your business.

Living in London, or any town in the UK, can be dangerous, regardless of your age or gender. Reports of assaults and general crime are on the rise, and 24-7 news just adds to and heightens our inner fears.

Would you like them to have the skills and confidence to be able to protect themselves?

Show your employees how much you care by arranging a class or course with us. They will enjoy it, and thank you for it, which in turn is beneficial for your employee relations and loyalty.

Self-defence has never been more important than it is in current times.

The Chief Instructor at KB Fitness, Kelly Bunyan, has always said:

"It is better to know something rather than nothing. It isn't about being fearful, it's just about being sensible and safe. At the end of our class, your team will feel empowered, know some useful combat techniques, as well as the law."

It’s an unfortunate fact that crime rates are increasing, which is why keeping your team as safe as possible is essential. The button below will take you to the Crime Rate website, where you can see an overview of the crime statistics for London.

Team building with a positive difference

Team building activities have long been used in the corporate world as a way for employees to form bonds. Our KB Corporate self defence classes deliver on that front, as well as giving your team the skills to help them overcome their fears and gain confidence and self-belief, including the tools needed to help protect themselves.

Can you imagine the positive impact this workplace self defence training could have on your business when your staff are brimming with a newfound confidence and self-belief? It’s a win-win.

Why choose KB Fitness?

Our self-empowerment system is taught by Dee Terret, an ex-Metropolitan Police Officer and ex-Police Officer Safety Instructor. Dee is a highly knowledgeable Personal Safety Consultant, ready to share practical safety advice, as well as physical moves.

A Kickboxing instructor, former South African judo champion, and Krav Maga practitioner, she is an expert in her field, highly-skilled in presenting such a serious subject matter in a fun, empowering way.

Some of the organisations we have worked with

We have taught self defence team building classes to hundreds of companies throughout the UK, such as Heineken, PayPal, BP, Natwest, Adobe, Ernst & Young, The British Red Cross, River Island, Thames21, Sweaty Betty, Slack, Fora Space, The Association of British Insurers, Dixon Wilson, Thornton Tomasetti, Notting Hill Genesis, Mace Limited, Neverfullydressed, HOBBS, ITECH, Ambassador Theatre Group, Kaluza, The Fitzrovia Partnership, Smart Energy, PLP / Architecture, eSalon, Specialist Freight Networks,  Klarna Bank, Forsters, Optiver, Anomaly London, Sensat, Reload Digital, Distribind, MyTutor, Hall School Mums, Hampstead Women’s Group, London Vision Clinic.  We can teach online or in person, anywhere in the UK, in your office or in one of our London dojos.

Check out our Google Reviews.

We also work with schools and universities to help empower their pupils. We have taught classes to many educational institutions, such as Woodford County High School for Girls, Northeastern University London, Royal College of Arts, International Students House, Royal College of Music.

This is what some of our clients said about our self-defence team building:

“Dee from KB Self Defence came to our office for a team bonding/wellbeing activity. From beginning to end, Dee made us all feel incredibly comfortable and engaged. We received information about the law around self defence and we were encouraged to get hands on straight away. This session was invaluable for beginners and Dee created a safe and supportive environment where we could ask any questions about the theory and practice. It was a great introduction and would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking to become more knowledgeable about their personal safety.” Robyn Copp-Barton, Natwest.

“I recently organized a workshop for my colleagues and it was absolutely fantastic! Dee was a brilliant trainer – she made everyone feel at ease to ask questions and try out moves. We felt so empowered by the end of the session. Working with her and the team was an absolute pleasure. If you’re thinking about doing a class I’d 100% recommend!!” Gabrielle Louden, BP.

“KB Fitness have delivered excellent self-defence classes during our seminars for international youth volunteers, over a number of years. They’ve always given us an outstanding experience! Definitely recommended.” Dave Entwistle, British Red Cross.

“KB Fitness visited River Island HQ for a session with our Islanders for International Women’s Day (in person and online) and it was INCREDIBLE. Not only did everyone learn a few self-defence moves to boost confidence whilst travelling, but Dalia (the Instructor) also shared some top tips we can use to help increase safety. From booking the session to completing the session, the process was smooth, quick and easy and everyone in the team accommodated our needs from beginning to end. We really felt that KB Fitness are passionate about what they do in ensuring people are equipped with what they need to stay safe and that passion was felt by all of our Islanders too. Thank you so much for doing what you do and we can’t wait to have you back here at River Island HQ!” Sacha Thomas, River Island.

“We really enjoyed our kickboxing class with Dee to celebrate International Women’s Day.  She was very warm and friendly and really knew her stuff.  I would highly recommend!” Olivia Briden, Dixon Wilson.

“Dee ran a fantastic session for us which was engaging, fun, and really useful tips on self defence and staying safe. She was really generous with her time and an absolute joy to work with! Communication was excellent and it was incredibly easy to organise. Would always ask her back to teach classes again!” Louisa Kataria, Royal College of Music.

“We loved our session with Dee, it was really informative and active and we learnt lots of techniques for defending ourselves – thank you so much!” Em Partono, MyTutor.

“We used KB Fitness to run a session for yr7 students at our secondary school. Dee was fantastic at providing the students with some tips and advice on how to protect themselves when travelling to and from school. A lot of students, especially our students use public transport so this self-defense session was really beneficial for them. Thank-you Dee and KB Fitness.” Samantha Taylor, Woodford County High School for Girls.

“We can not recommend doing this course enough. As Dee is ex-Met she knows, and has seen, everything, and therefore her knowledge and advice is extremely comprehensive. She not only gives amazing advice and guidance on the little things we can do to stay safe in many scenarios and situations but the physical side of the self-defence moves she showed us made us all feel strong and completely capable of protecting ourselves no matter our size. Dee is very personable and we all instantly felt very comfortable and in a safe space in her presence. She has empowered us far beyond anything we were expecting. The course is practical but we also had fun as a team doing it and practising together. This course is imperative for all women to empower yourselves and have confidence in your own strength and ability.” Amy Lonnen, Anomaly London.

“Really great. After the awful cases of Sabina Nessa & Sarah Everard we decided to get some self defence classes for our colleagues and they were brilliant. Dee was fantastic role model for, not just the women but us all and everyone was so very grateful. Can’t recommend enough! Jimmy Cosgrove, Sensat.

“Dee was brilliant! A very engaging teacher – the class was super informative & way more fun than we thought it’d be! I feel ready for anything London throws at me.” Adam Clarke, Reload Digital.

“Dee’s self defense sessions definitely improved my confidence. I would say that the sessions have got me to think more about my surroundings when I’m alone – now I’m on alert, but in a good way. Dee is extremely approachable, friendly and helpful – she has really guided us as a group and we feel valued as a result of this class. I think the techniques she show us are very clever, they force us to think in different ways and consider our own strength. I am excited for more of her sessions. Thanks Dee!!” Recent attendee at PLP / Architecture.

Check out a team-building class we recently taught for Specialist Freight Networks:

Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor
We used KB fitness to run a session for yr7 students at our secondary school. Dee was fantastic at providing the students with some tips and advice on how to protect themselves when travelling to and from school. A lot of students, especially our students use public transport so this self-defense session was really beneficial for them. Thank-you Dee and KB fitness :)
Matt Dowell
Matt Dowell
Had a self defence class with Dee today and it was brilliant! Learnt a lot of great techniques and I’m looking forward to a second class! Highly recommend.
Michelle Daniels
Michelle Daniels
I can't thank Dee enough for the fantastic self-defence class she ran with my daughter and her friends before they went on travels across Europe. Dee was full of helpful advice and techniques to stay safe. They in turn had a great trip. Thank you so much.
Carolina Pinto
Carolina Pinto
Amazing self defence class!!! We recently had a class with Dee as a corporate activity, and it was incredibly instructive and fun at the same time. I highly recommend FB Fitness. The service was great from start to finish. Thanks!!!!
Cheryl Taylor
Cheryl Taylor
Dee and the team at KB Fitness have been incredible in supporting our global Women's ERG to better understand how to improve self awareness of one's safety when in threatening situations, including how to act in self defence to feel safe and in control. We held the global session on zoom which worked really well to not only discuss safety, answer questions and understand laws etc but also demonstrate, and practice, how to act in self defence. Dee has a wealth of knowledge and experience which was invaluable for employees to trust and feel confident in what was being said and demonstrated to us. I highly recommend Dee and the team at KB Fitness for self defence! 5 stars!!
Kate Oliveira
Kate Oliveira
Dee came to our office to do a self defence workshop. She was fantastic and we all came away from the session having learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend her, I only wish I lived closer so I could attend their classes.
harriet wilson
harriet wilson
I would recommend self-defence classes for EVERYONE! This was so great. We are a team that work together around the world in different situations (office-based/fieldwork, rural/city). We were not sure how suitable it would be for our team but it was so universal that I think everyone should do it. We found it super fun and energising, lots of content, much more to learn about the body and left us all, men and women, feeling empowered. Great great!
Amalie Borg-Hansen
Amalie Borg-Hansen
I have loved KB Fitness ever since I first started. Being a compete novice at martial arts, I’ve steadily progressed and in a nurturing and supportive environment. Kelly, Dee and the rest of the teaching are amazing at what they do, and are always teaching you with a smile! I was in a rut with my fitness when I first started, but KB made me love being active again. I would recommend anyone to give it a go and sign up. Personally, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!
Phuong, Nguyen Vu Hanh
Phuong, Nguyen Vu Hanh
Nice and friendly instructors, motivating group for martial art in London!
Zuzanna Słonina
Zuzanna Słonina
I’ve joined KB Fitness 3 years ago and I’m sure I will stay for much longer. During that time I’ve learnt LOTS, made really good friends and improved my fitness. Kelly and the team make sure you meet your goals, no matter what they are and that you enjoy the process. There is plenty of training sessions during the week to choose from, so it’s easy to fit it into your schedule. All the instructors and members are lovely and supportive, creating a very safe and friendly space to learn martial arts.

Designing a solution for your business and staff

To help you prioritise self defence and employee well-being, flexibility is at the heart of delivering our corporate self defence training. We will work with you to create a series of classes or a one-off event to achieve your desired outcomes and cover the areas you would like, whilst ensuring your staff have fun.

We can cover the following areas:

Empowering strategies to stay safe:

Physical self-defence techniques:

The London team building classes are not violent or aggressive, and cater to everybody. All levels of fitness are welcome.

We can also offer a stress-busting Kickboxing session; it lets your staff get that built up frustration out, which is great for mind, body, and re-focusing.

We are fully qualified, insured and DBS checked.

We all know that your employees are your most valuable asset – so there is nothing to stop you, right? If you’re interested in giving your staff the tools to feel safer and overcome the fear we feel, at the same time as having some fun, then contact us now for team building London.

Give us a call on 07967 096411 | 020 7681 0114 or email We will be happy to help. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form below.

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