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Are you fearful of being alone and attacked?

Living in London, or any town in the UK, can be dangerous, regardless of your age or gender. Reports of assaults and general crime are on the rise, and 24-7 news just adds to and heightens our inner fears.

It’s an unfortunate fact that crime rates are increasing, which is why learning self-defence is imperative. The button below will take you to the Crime Rate website where you can see an overview of the crime statistics for London.

Would you like the skills and confidence to be able to protect yourself?

Self-defence has never been more important than it is in current times. We help adults and children become confident, and equip you with the essential skills.

But I am not a violent person

Physical combat may not come naturally to a lot of people, but self-defence is more about a state of mind than body strength. You don’t have to be an aggressive person, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings, think ahead and avoid hazardous situations.

The Chief Instructor at KB Fitness, Kelly Bunyan, has always said:

"It is better to know something rather than nothing. It's about being sensible and doing all we can to be safe."

Perhaps, like many other people, you searched for ‘self defence classes for adults near me,’ or ‘women’s self defence classes near me.’ (Everybody welcome by the way).

We are delighted that you have found us and hope that you have enough information on this page to answer your questions about our self defence classes. If not, feel free to give us a call on:

07881 957977 | 020 7681 0114 or email; we will be happy to help.

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Introduction to self defence and our team

Simply, our self defence classes UK will help you overcome your fear, gain confidence, self-belief, and learn the skills needed to better protect yourself.

Are you interested in challenging self-defeating beliefs, and learning what you are truly capable of?

Our female instructors are experts in the martial arts. Kelly Bunyan, KB Fitness Chief Instructor, and Dee Terret, ex-Met Police Officer and Officer Safety Instructor, have harnessed their combined 80+ years of experience to create a proven training system.

Some people find us because they search for, ‘private self defence classes near me,’ or, ‘1 to 1 self defence lessons near me.’ Our team do not have the availability to teach one person at a time, our classes are too popular. That said, we believe it’s better to attend group classes. For one, they’re a fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 martial arts training but also, the group environment provides multiple attackers of varying sizes, heights and strength.

Our self defence classes London will give you the knowledge you need to be in a better position to fight back, should the worst happen. Our mission is to give you the confidence you need to be less fearful than you are now in all situations. For example, we intend to help you feel safer when walking home at night – this confidence alone will swiftly make you less of a target.

What is covered in the self defence classes?

Self Defence Benefits

You will benefit tremendously. Be Keen, Be Bold: Be KB. The martial arts are a vehicle for physical, personal, social and emotional development.

Spiritual Advantages

Physical Advantages

When & Where

We understand circumstances vary, we would love to see you in the London Self Defence Class in Euston face to face, but we have a number of alternative options available and they don’t stop you learning the skills you need.

London Class: MONDAY 7-8PM & THURSDAY 6-7PM

Our London classes take place in dojos close to the following tube stations: Euston, King’s Cross and Mornington Crescent. There are plenty of pay and display parking bays in the area, from 6.30pm, you can park in the bays and on the single yellow lines for free.

Livestream: MONDAY 7-8PM & THURSDAY 6-7PM

Unable to attend or prefer to learn from home but want to feel part of the live classes? You can also join us on the livestream service via Zoom.

Online 24/7

Catch up or rewind a class and watch back a section again and again, until you feel more confident with the concept, the ultimate flexibility.

You can get started at any time. There is no ‘first week’ as such; every week we teach new content to all in attendance, however long they have been training. We revise the past two classes every third week, too. Repetition is a must.

All our Self Defence classes students are supported by weekly Q&A progress calls, 1-2-1 guidance via WhatsApp, live feedback when participating by Zoom or in person and strength training advice. Our focus on inclusivity means that our classes are mixed gender. If you would prefer to only partner with a certain gender, we can accommodate you.

How much does it cost?

You’ll surely agree that your life is priceless. Plus, being given a proven way to overcome fear is invaluable. If you want to feel safer and more confident, we have a great method for you.


We do not offer free self defence classes London but to see if our approach is for you, you can try a one-off class for £14.95 (inc VAT). You could then join us if you like what you see.

Perhaps you searched: ‘female self defence classes near me,’ knowing full well that you wanted to sign up for an ongoing membership, to truly give yourself the best fighting chance. In that case these are our fees:

FEES: £98.75 PER MONTH + Annual Membership/Licence Fee: £59.95

SPECIAL OFFER: Join today and we’ll pay the £59.95 for you!

Membership is worth much more than that really, as you can’t put a price on feeling valued, praised, nurtured and so on, all the while learning a new potentially life-saving skill from experts.

Adding all the free martial arts classes you get into the mix, the offer is great value.

You pay for just 1 evening of classes but get all the below thrown in for free.

WHEN TO START? Jump in any time, the classes are ongoing, so there is no official start date. Other people are new too.

Here’s what you get in more detail:

The KB Self Defence membership provides you access to KB Self Defence classes in Euston, livestream sessions and 24/7 catch up service, but you are also entitled during your membership to:

Ready to be transformed into a force of strength? We’d love for you to learn what you are truly capable of.

Once you get started, you will be more confident, you will feel safer, and you will know you have the essential skills to better protect yourself.

If you still have questions, then give us a call on 07881 957977 | 020 7681 0114 or email, we will be happy to help.


“I get so much out of my training – thanks to you and Dee for putting the time and effort in to make the videos! I learned more from the online videos than from the live classes, not because of anything to do with teaching methods in class (all the KB instructors are awesome teachers), but because anxiety is not the optimum mental state for learning. So being at home and relaxed in my own environment I could absorb more than in the live classes that can often be stressful for me. I’d highly recommend the online self defence course to anyone who might be feeling nervous about taking live classes but wants to learn self-defence, so they can practise at home in a familiar environment and pause the videos if they need to, or start feeling stressed or triggered.”

KB Self Defence does not intend to lull you into a false sense of security. Kelly, KB Chief Instructor clarifies:

“Learning self-defence does not guarantee your safety. Nobody is definitely able to defend themselves, even we do not know that we are always safe. However, we believe it is better to know something rather than nothing, to increase your chance of being able to defend yourselves. Don’t delay, sign up.”

Physical intervention is a last resort to be used when you have no other option but to defend yourself. Practising the moves regularly over time is essential to try to ensure they become second nature and will render them far more effective in any real situation. So, once you finish your class, keep on performing these techniques on your own as part of your regular, ongoing exercise regime.