KB Kung Fu

Learn martial arts with us in central London. KB Kung Fu takes place in Euston on Tuesdays at 8pm (live streamed online simultaneously). Due to the advanced nature of the training, all potential Kung Fu students are required to attend our KB Kickboxing lessons prior to joining the KB Kung Fu wing of our school. This will give you the required foundations in all KB punches and kicks.

KB Kung Fu is a unique style of Kung Fu, fused together by Kelly Bunyan, our school’s Chief Instructor. Kelly started Lau Gar Kung Fu in 1985; she became a Black Sash in 1991. KB Kung Fu therefore has its roots in Lau Gar, however Kelly has developed a whole new system incorporating all elements of martial arts.

She believes that people can benefit greatly in the areas of self-confidence, physical conditioning, and personal growth through martial arts training in London and absolutely loves passing on her knowledge of Kung Fu and Kickboxing to all who train in her school. With 35+ years of experience, Kelly has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to all who train with her.




KB Kung Fu is based on a ‘Lau style,’ which can be said to be a Southern Kung Fu style, external and hard in nature. It is derived from the form of boxing practised at the Kuei Ling Temple situated in the Kong Sai province of West China. The master ‘Three Eyed Lau’, a tiger hunter whom is honoured as founder of the style, learnt it from a monk on retreat from the temple. Many of the terms used in the lessons are in Cantonese. Beginner classes include English translations; you will pick up the Cantonese as you go along. Unless you’re already fluent in Cantonese, you’ll pick up a new language whilst training.

The fighting techniques of the style are based upon the movements of the following five animals:

Dragon: Represents internal training (chi) and cultivation of spirit. Characteristics – the ability to change at will, appear and disappear. Flexibility and graceful movements.

Snake: Fast and sleek, develops internal power. Single, accurate, very high efficiency strike or kick. Relies on movement to block, not blocking techniques.

Leopard: The leopard style represents bravery and martial ferocity. It requires the development of strength and features a strong waist and lower extremities. The leopard style also requires the development of power and speed and swift penetrating strikes. Agile footwork.

Tiger: Strong and powerful movements, breaking, striking, locking, ripping and tearing.

Crane: The crane does not attack only counter attacks. It would do this from any angle except the front. It would always side step the attack; possibly using its wings to mask the movement, change direction again, possibly to deliver a technique to the attacker. It is a master of evasion. Calm, patient and stable. Swift movements, circular and soft.


KB Kung Fu techniques involve punching, kicking, blocking, elbowing, sweeping and jumping. Staff and knife defence, strangulation defence and other street fighting techniques are also covered on a weekly basis. To be more specific, here are a few of the regularly used techniques:

Hand strikes: Snake hand, leopard fist, knife hand, hammer fist, spear hand, bridge hands, palm heel smash…

Blocks: Double palm block, double forearm block. Upper, lower and outer block…

Kicks: Sickle kick, stomping kicks, thrusting heart kick, axe kick, spinning kick, hook kick…

All techniques are practised in the most controlled and safe manner, contact is made for blocking, but we do not strike each other with the techniques mentioned above. Although contact is made when blocking (provided the correct kit is worn), the strikes do not connect. Only when sparring is there contact when striking (above the waist), however, full protection is worn, including gloves. Even the sparring contact is NOT full; the intention is to learn ancient techniques, not damage other members.


To join KB Kung Fu, you’ll need to start our “Unleash Your Inner Martial Artist” Kickboxing Method to learn the kicks and punches we teach. Then you could start our Kung Fu classes. Note that grading is compulsory at KB Kung Fu (it is not obligatory at KB Kickboxing).

If you would like to discuss this further with us before committing, please get in touch: info@kbfitness.co.uk | 020 7 681 0114

If you are ready to find your passion and be nurtured into a high-standard martial artist…