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Training in the martial arts goes beyond simply learning a sequence of movements in the dojo, or a weekly workout. It involves strengthening not only the body, but also the mind. The journey to martial arts mastery cannot be traversed alone. Instruction and guidance along the way is essential, and will help you have a smoother journey.

We often hear KB members say that KB Fitness is a special martial arts school. This is because, in addition to high standards of teaching, KB members are inspired and motivated by their close connection with Chief Instructor Kelly Bunyan (KB).

Kelly makes herself available via email and WhatsApp to any member who would like to build this mentor-student connection.

“I am in awe of how much time Kelly dedicates to her students. From staying late after class to teach us extra techniques, to sending and responding to personal emails and messages, writing inspiring newsletters, and even

teaching us via WhatsApp when we can’t make it to classes.” said Sue.

This dedication stems from Kelly’s desire to pass on her passion for the martial arts, as well as to support her students’ personal growth.

Each student connects with their mentor on a different level, and in different ways. Some choose not to connect at all, and they are free to make that choice. But it’s those who do, who get the most out of their journeys, because they are the ones most open to learning.

Martial arts teachings, even if sometimes modernised, are steeped in ancient traditions. It is not simply a fitness journey, but a journey that encompasses the body, the mind and the soul. When the student lets him/herself be immersed in all that training has to offer, they will notice a change in mindset and lifestyle, for martial arts affects not only our behaviour in the dojo, but also in the wider world.

Jackie Chan said: “Kung Fu lives in everything we do. It lives in how we put on a jacket and how we take off a jacket. It lives in how we treat people. Everything is Kung Fu.” A simple way to explain that martial arts truly is a way of life.

Kelly’s mutual connection with her students makes it possible for them to grow, yes, but it also gives Kelly an insight into what they need as martial artists, how to help them to improve, when they can be challenged, and how to motivate them to keep fighting.

Kim mentioned how insightful Kelly is in an email: “I know we say this often that we are in awe of you – but it’s not redundant if it’s true on repeat. You managed to train and inspire the school’s beginners through a rigorous workout on one of the hottest days of the year, whilst managing the higher grades too, and giving individual feedback. Your enthusiasm was just palpable, and I know the beginners were amazed by how they could respond to your pushing them to do more than they thought possible. It’s amazing how you find key moments to improve us. Yas and I weren’t pleased with our last 2 calls of a set, and you gave us all 5 more calls each with a directive to make those our sharpest and best. We were so happy for the opportunity, and we really nailed the last set. It was just another example of your intuition bearing fruit. Thank you for all you give. What you do matters, and I hope you realise the impact that you are making in this world.”

To which, Kelly responded: “The dojo is indeed a special place, where special energy is generated. It is my pleasure to give you and your training peers my all.”

There are also moments when the students draw on that special connection. Beth, who has reached the highest level at KB Fitness, KB Kickboxing Black Belt and KB Kung Fu Black Sash, emailed Kelly on the night before her last KB grading: “Tomorrow, looking from the outside, there will appear a distance between us as each of us embraces our roles. You will be in Chief Examiner mode and I will be in determined grading student mode. And yet despite how it may seem to those looking on, our connection will be unyielding.  During those tough, hard and lonely moments of grading you will be there in my heart, in my soul and in my head roaring me on. Your teachings are woven within the fabric of my being – they will be with me always – but I will draw on them especially tomorrow, to empower me to soar, to roar, to fly.”

Beth’s words speak of the depth and intensity of the connection she feels.

Ryan also shared his thoughts with Kelly after a KB Kung Fu grading: “I really enjoyed watching the graders take their sashes and also your commentary on their grading journey at the end of the night. I was really able to appreciate your connection with each of them and the different ways you’ve supported them in achieving their goals. I was thinking this week not only do you teach us your beautiful syllabus but you also masterfully navigate our individual barriers to success e.g. confidence, injury, fitness etc. And no matter what the barrier, with your guidance and our connection with you, we all fly.”

From the members’ comments, it’s clear that their connection is deep, of great comfort and a source of strength to take with them along their martial arts path. For they know they don’t walk it alone, Kelly is right alongside them.

Want to adopt the martial arts as more than just your weekly exercise, but as a way of life? Book your first KB Kickboxing class London today.




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