At KB Fitness, we take pride in witnessing the transformation experienced by older adults who embrace martial arts training. Specialising in Kickboxing, Self Defence and Kung Fu, our school believes in the inclusivity of martial arts, catering to people of all ages.

After receiving one of the weekly tutorial videos, Carol, who’s been training with us for only a few months, shared her journey as a beginner starting martial arts at a later age: “I can feel myself gently unfolding. My muscles are unlocking, and I feel more confident about the moves.” Her words resonate with many older students, highlighting the physical changes that can be expected, and the usefulness of our video teaching aids.

In our community, we have shining examples like Kim, a vibrant 52-year-old mother of five, who attends every available class. Kim exudes boundless energy and continues to set goals for her training, knowing she can achieve them with the support of the KB team and her peers. Another older student Sonya, 53, stands as a testament to dedication, having trained with us for an impressive 20 years.

Among our most inspiring members is Sue, in her mid-60s, who continues to train weekly and is actively pursuing her next belts. Sue embodies the spirit of KB Fitness, where age is no barrier to personal growth and achievement.

In our video entitled “Fitness for over 50s”, Chief Instructor Kelly KB talked to Kim and Sonya about training in the martial arts, and how age is just a number when you are in a nurturing and supportive environment, where everyone is encouraged to aim for and reach their potential.

Beyond physical fitness, martial arts training enriches the lives of older adults in profound ways. Many of our older members report a newfound sense of wellbeing in all areas of their lives. Those who have children or other caring responsibilities comment on the power of having some ‘me time’ where they put themselves first, to recharge from so much time prioritising others. The energy cultivated during training transcends into improved mental focus, enhancing performance in various facets of life.

Join KB Fitness’ KB Kickboxing classes London, where age is embraced as an opportunity to discover the joy and empowerment of martial arts, no matter where your journey begins.




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