At KB Fitness, the essence of Kung Fu transcends mere physical movement. For us, it permeates every aspect of our lives, from simple everyday tasks to the manner in which we interact with others. Jackie Chan’s profound words, “Kung Fu lives in everything we do. It lives in how we put on a jacket and how we take off a jacket. It lives in how we treat people. Everything is Kung Fu,” resonate deeply within our community..

KB Fitness stands out for its unique approach to KB Kickboxing, deeply rooted in Kung Fu principles. Our style incorporates elements rarely found in traditional kickboxing, such as steering blocks, open-handed strikes like the ridge hand, and side stance sparring. These techniques not only enhance our fighting prowess but also instil a holistic understanding of martial arts philosophy.

Members of KB Fitness attest to the transformative power of martial arts training, as demonstrated in their everyday actions and interactions. Kim reflects, “I am the person I am because of the resilience I get from training in the martial arts.” This resilience cultivated through consistent training translates into a steadfast approach to life’s challenges.

Jess finds inspiration in Jackie Chan’s assertion that martial arts is evident in how we treat others, saying: “Jackie Chan’s words, ‘It lives in how we treat people’ really resonate with me. Martial arts is steeped in respect: for oneself, and for others. That respect, and desire to help, encourage, empower and be kind to yourself and others ripples out from within the dojo and into the world.”

Ruth acknowledges the personal growth fostered by KB Fitness, noting how it instils a sense of purpose and drive: “It feeds my drive to do things and helps my confidence that I can try to do things better.” Similarly, Kelly FN emphasises the transformative impact of training, adopting a “Yes, I can” mentality in facing challenges and cultivating patience with oneself and others: “Training at KB has made me more driven and believe in myself more. This has changed the way I face challenges in my day-to-day. I now face everything with the “Yes, I can” mentality. I am also a lot more patient with myself and others.”

Phoebe delves into the spiritual dimension of martial arts, recognising its role in fostering self-awareness and interconnectedness with the world: “It’s not just about how you view yourself, but the world around you and how we’re all connected to it.” She aptly captures the essence of Kung Fu as not just physical but also spiritual enlightenment, enriching both personal and communal experiences.

At KB Fitness, our commitment extends beyond physical fitness; we strive to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives guided by the principles of Kung Fu. As Jackie Chan so eloquently put it, “Everything is Kung Fu,” and at KB Fitness, we embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly, both on and off the dojo.

Keen to embrace this beautiful art form that will empower you and transform your life in and out of the martial arts dojo? Book your first KB Kickboxing class today.




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