“Black Belts, to the corner!” calls Chief Instructor, Kelly (KB), at the start of her kickboxing class. Black Belt corner is a spot where most KB Fitness members aspire to stand. It means that the KB Member standing there has achieved the excellent standard required to wear a Black Belt around their waist, and can proudly state that they have gone through 6 KB Kickboxing gradings. It is the moment where they get to stand on Kelly (KB)’s right side and face the other students at the beginning and end of the KB Kickboxing classes London.

It signifies their commitment to the martial arts, and also their loyalty to Kelly (KB) and KB Fitness, martial arts training London.

With determination and strength of mind KB members can all reach that same high standard, but the constant in the journey of every Black Belt in the school is Kelly (KB).

It is Kelly’s passion and boundless support that nurtures and transforms each KB member into the best martial artist they can be. From feeling unsure and uncoordinated to confident fighting champions. From complete beginners to standing in Black Belt corner.

Along with high standards of fighting, commitment to their kickboxing class London and discipline, KB Fitness members learn about humility and kindness, the true spirit of the martial arts. They learn that being a Black Belt means a lot more than the colour of the piece of cloth they wear to their kickboxing classes, and that that is just the beginning of a different journey.

Beth mailed Kelly (KB) after her Black Belt grading: “Kelly, being awarded one of your black belts is one of the most significant things that has ever happened to me in my life. It means SO much to me that you have decided that I am worthy of being one of your black belts. The journey hasn’t been easy, but that’s what makes it even more meaningful. The spiritual connection and bond that we share is so powerful and all-conquering that anything we decide to do together is possible. It is what allowed me to walk into that grading dojo yesterday and KNOW that I could do it. And so it happened – the realisation of a long-standing and cherished dream! And now I’m one of your BLACK BELTS 🖤🥳🖤🥳🖤🥳🖤. I’m so grateful to you for everything that you have done for me and continue to do for me week in and week out.”

The beauty of the martial arts being a way of life is that there is always something to learn, something to improve, something to excel at. The true martial artist takes in the knowledge that was passed on to them and shares it with others. They are grateful to those who have taught them and show their gratitude in the form of loyalty and take pride in nurturing the next generation of fledgling martial artists.

KB Fitness’ Black Belt corner might be ever evolving, who frequents the line may change over the years, but it has a constant presence in the dojo all the same. Those who stand in the Black Belt corner are a true inspiration to subsequent generations of KB members. They have put the time in, attended regular kickboxing classes and given their all.

Are you keen to be inspired and nurtured to stand in the Black Belt corner someday too? You need not search, ‘kickboxing classes near me,’ or ‘kickboxing class near me,’ you’ve found us; join our Kickboxing classes London or online.




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