KB members join KB’s London martial arts classes for different reasons, and at different points in their lives. Having students from different backgrounds and cultures, of different ages and abilities, means that their reasons for joining KB’s London Kickboxing classes can be quite different.

Some reasons for joining include a desire to get fitter, learn self-defence, find a new hobby, increase self-confidence, meet new people, explore an interest in martial arts, a need to relieve stress, and many more.

But what keeps so many of our members addicted to training in the martial arts at KB Fitness? Chief Instructor Kelly KB recently asked her KB Kickboxing students why they train, and why they keep coming back week in, week out and year in, year out. What keeps them hooked?

“I am dedicated to my progress as a martial artist. KB Fitness is a place where you are not judged for what you lack, but celebrated for each thing you achieve. The instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and seeing each of the students succeed. They value your personal journey and guide you to achieve what you want. Training martial arts at KB Fitness has made my life better because it has made me more confident, more positive, healthier and happier. No would I ever give this up!” said Kelly Fiestas, who’s been training at KB Fitness for 9 years.

Unfortunately, the kind of support Kelly Fiestas mentions is not found everywhere. It seems therefore natural that KB Fitness members would thrive in such an environment.

“I am grateful for KB every single day! My reason to keep training is because no matter what’s happening outside, the Dojo is always a place of happiness, community and spirituality and, on top of that, the amazing feeling of fulfilment that you get after each class,” said Tash.

Inflated egos and negativity are not present at KB’s martial arts dojos. As soon as you walk in, you notice the positive atmosphere and smiling faces, welcoming you for one or two hours that you get to dedicate entirely to your wellbeing.

“It’s the endorphins for me. Knowing it’s always worth training even when you’re tired, or have had a bad day, or just don’t really feel like it – because you ALWAYS leave class feeling amazing!” said Ruth.

Jane added: “The camaraderie and that special KB uplifting feeling keeps me addicted, always has. And that Kelly KB always pushes us to be our best.”

Fredi’s answer was similar: “My answer tonight is: I’m addicted to the fun! The positive energy, the encouragement from the instructors and our training partners, the high fives from everyone.”

Positivity and support seem to be the link and it is no accident, since these two pillars are part of KB Fitness’ DNA.

Some KB members say that KB is a safe haven for them. That once they step inside the KB dojo, they forget about their problems outside. Time in the dojo is sacred, akin to finding peace in the movement, in punching, kicking and “ki-aing” in unison.

Marianne, KB Kickboxing instructor, said: “For me the addiction partly comes from the feeling of walking into the dojo and feeling the day just fall away from my shoulders, as I walk into a wall of energy and noise and focus and friendliness and fire. And I’m addicted to that feeling of there ALWAYS being something you can get better at! In normal life that can feel like an overwhelming thing but at KB it is a high like no other because the instructors (and particularly Kelly) can and will get you there if you give your all! So there’s always a path through to a better version of yourself.”

“You’re the reason I’m still addicted, Kelly!” Jess, KB Kickboxing instructor, said. “The endorphins, the fun, the joy and the kindness that inhabit the KB Dojo are unmatched anywhere else in life. And it all stems from you and the example you set. You have a true gift for bringing people together. Also, getting to teach the next generation is a big part of it for me, sharing the KB love.”

Kelly said that for her, it is about her students’ progress. What keeps her passion for teaching martial arts alive is her students’ fire and their passion for learning and progressing:

“It brings me great satisfaction when I see my students putting the lesson plans into practice successfully, or when they score a point with a well-performed technique that I taught them,” says Kelly. “There’s this moment during a KB Kickboxing or KB Kung Fu grading when everyone is pushing themselves to their limits, and sometimes they will be tired and wondering if they can keep going, but suddenly someone will ki-ai that much louder, with that much more energy, showing that they still have more fire left in them. Those moments always make me smile and remind me of why I still love teaching, more than 20 years on.”

Are you at all intrigued? Would you like to experience joy, kindness and endorphins like never before? Book your first KB Kickboxing class today and experience it for yourself.




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