In anticipation of December’s KB London Kickboxing Grading, Chief Instructor Kelly KB welcomed the newest generation of soon-to-be Blue Belts to her Tuesday London Kickboxing classes.

Kelly KB exclusively teaches and mentors students who are committed to the grading system. Being invited to join her London Kickboxing classes is considered an honour and a big step in a student’s progress.

In #KBFamily fashion, Kelly’s veteran students shared words of advice and motivation before the London Kickboxing class to help the new students in case they were feeling a little anxious about stepping out of their comfort zone.

Jess, one of the school’s instructors, was the first to offer advice: “Very exciting to have the blue belt graders joining Tuesday classes! Please know that there’s no need to worry – you’ll be well taken care of and have so much fun 🙂 I still remember being nervous for my first  ‘Kelly Class’

many years ago. But I also still remember how I was welcomed in and made to feel part of it immediately. My advice would be, embrace the fact that you will feel challenged, as this is how we all grow and improve. Don’t let any negative thoughts spoil what is ultimately a joyful experience, and something to be excited and proud about! Literally every other student in the room, from blue to black belt, was a beginner once. We’ve all been there, taken the plunge, and we are excited for you to do the same!”

It is absolutely a joyful experience, as Jess puts it. It is also an important moment because it means that the KB members who choose to take this step are now seriously invested in their progress and their martial arts journey, joining the other advanced students in Kelly’s classes.

Ryan, one of KB’s Black Belts, said: “It’s amazing to be a part of the Tuesday classes, your progress skyrockets thanks to Kelly and the more advanced lesson plans! Can’t wait to see the new soon to be blue belts soar!”

Kelly’s years of experience teaching London Martial Arts classes have given her an incredible insight into what each of her students need in order to progress, how much to push them, and how much they can give back, as Sushil said in her message:

“As soon as you start the class Kelly automatically knows your strengths, she knows how to you push you accordingly. You instantly feel like you belong there. There is that personal attention not only from Kelly but all other students as well, which helps you feel comfortable and welcome. So just focus and do your best, the rest will follow,” said Sushil.

Jenny also shared her experience: “Just throw yourself in enthusiastically and positively. It’s a big step-up fitness-wise, but without noticing the progress, one Tuesday you’ll realise how much fitter you are. Everyone in the room works to their max, so there’s never a day it’s easy as there’s always more to train. So don’t think you’re the only one pushing or that you’re struggling, as we’re all there to push our limits and everyone is focusing on their journey and goals. Enjoy it, it’s a rare school with a fantastic teacher, so don’t forget to smile and have fun. And I really love how easy it is to sleep on Tuesdays!”

Indeed, KB Fitness members are lucky to have a dedicated and passionate London Kickboxing instructor who is committed to supporting her students on every stage of their Martial Arts journey.

At the end of the London Kickboxing class, Kelly congratulated the new members and said: “Well done. You are my students now, you are under my wing and I will get you ready for your Kickboxing grading. All you have to do is come to class and be committed to your own progress, and it will happen.”

Do you feel that you could benefit from this level of dedication in you and your goals? Kelly and her instructors would love to help you realise your full potential. Book your first London Kickboxing class today.




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