You wouldn’t think that punching and kicking your team members would help you bond with them would you?! It simply sounds too ominous. Remarkably, a fun and engaging team-building activity such as the classes KB Fitness offers just the ticket! 

After such a difficult phase in our existence, building morale in the workplace is of the essence. Companies throughout the globe are searching for new ways to show their team how much they value them.

People are revisiting the old favourites, such as going out for a meal, going paint balling or even bowling, but those thinking outside of the box are mixing it right up and contacting KB Fitness to explore the option of using the martial arts to regroup!

Not only do corporate KB Self Defence or KB Kickboxing classes develop your bond as a group, they are also the perfect way to show your staff that you care about their health, safety and well-being. Whether booking for 1 class or a full course, the boost to your team’s cohesion, relationships and confidence will be undeniable. Even learning just a few simple self defence techniques is empowering and, of course, better than knowing nothing at all.

At KB, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of martial arts with people from all walks of life, all levels of fitness and experience. Our classes cater for everyone and we love running corporate classes to reach people who may not have otherwise attended a class with us. 
Our experienced instructors have been running corporate classes for many years, for all different companies and events, across the globe. Chief Instructor Kelly has personally taught groups of 50+ delegates at business events in Malaysia, South Africa, Spain and Thailand, to name but a few. The video above shows her in action in Indonesia in 2019.

One of our recent attendees emailed to thank us after their class, saying:

“Thank you for a great class. I arrived feeling quite shy, as I’ve only recently started working at the company. I left with a very different outlook on my boss and colleagues… Who knew a self defence class could make such a difference?? I really feel that we bonded as a team. I also learned a lot and enjoyed trying the different techniques. The instructor made it really simple and fun to practice. I would love to come back for another class!”
Another client told us:

“We have organised several different team building activities, but I have to say the self-defence class with your martial arts school in London is definitely the favourite so far. The class has brought everyone closer and the in-office relationships have improved so much! I have other departments asking what happened, what is our secret. So I have been handing out your business cards, haha! Thank you again!” 

For a business, there is nothing more valuable than happy, confident and safe employees. Show them how much you care and book a class today. Give us a call on 07881 957977 | 020 7681 0114 or email We will be happy to help.




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