KB members engaged in a lively discussion in the KB WhatsApp group last week.

The idea posed was: “one doesn’t attain mastery in the martial arts by practising advanced techniques, but by practising the basics”.

KB Kickboxing members are taught that practising the same techniques multiple times improves their speed and accuracy, as well as their range and control. But how does practising the basics translate to attaining mastery?

KB Instructor, Jess, said: “I absolutely agree with this idea. It puts me in mind of a Bruce Lee quote, ‘I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.’ Not that we fear anyone at KB 😁. But the repetition of the basics, to get those seemingly simple punches and kicks to a high level, really is key to our martial arts journey. Executing the basics well is not only the foundation of everything else, but it looks beautiful, too.”

KB Kickboxing Black Belt, Ryan, agreed: “The basics done cleanly are much more impressive than something more advanced done in an unconsidered way.”

KB members are taught all kinds of techniques due to Chief Instructor Kelly KB’s varied lesson plans, from the basic jab and front kick to spinning kicks and punches. But they build a strong foundation in their martial arts training by truly learning and practising the “seemingly simple” techniques, as Jess called them.

“The basics are the foundation of everything else we learn. Not just the punches and kicks themselves and getting those into our muscle memory, but also things like having a wide stance, a strong guard and to keep moving. I think having those elements down are a big step in our martial arts journey,” Neil, who will be taking his KB Kickboxing Black Belt in June, commented.

Neil makes an important point when he says that it’s not just the punches and kicks that a martial artist needs to work on, but also their stance, guard and movement. While basic in theory, it all requires concentration, fitness and, most importantly, the will to progress.

Kelly KB also shared her thoughts: “Well, what do I say when you compete? ‘Don’t show me the advanced techniques, stick to the basics.’ The school’s top fighters, past and present, don’t try to spinning kick or spinning punch during a tournament, they score by thinking tactically and using the techniques they know inside out.”

The bottom line is, whether you are an experienced fighter or a complete beginner, you will be practising the basic drills alongside learning the more advanced techniques. Building strong foundations will raise your standard and be key to your progress in the martial arts.

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