Lives were changed last week at the most anticipated London Kickboxing class of the year.

“Martial arts is a gift,” said Kevin Brewerton (also known as The Jedi), 5-times World Kickboxing Champion, at the masterclass he taught at KB Fitness on Wednesday night.

The Kickboxing class brought together KB members of all levels, from absolute beginners all the way to Black Belts.

“Absolute solid gold! What a night, what an experience! Thank you for this

introduction to an environment with so many quality humans to feed the soul and keep on giving. Kevin gave more than just 2 hours of his time. The mental and physical rewards will be packed away, used and shared for years to come. Thanks Kelly and to the instructors and everyone for being so welcoming and supportive. Tonight was the universe speaking volumes!” said Nathan about the experience, which was his 3rd class at KB Fitness.

“That was such an amazing evening! Thank you SO MUCH to Kevin for coming and sharing his experience and wisdom in how to be a great fighter, and thank you Kelly for arranging it. It was inspirational and I loved it!❤🖤” said Ruth, KB Fitness Green Belt.

“It was so wonderful to have Kevin in the dojo again after 4 years. Thanks for sharing your insights into training and life outside the dojo. Thank you Kelly for arranging the unique opportunity. And thank you for passing on the gift of martial arts and continuing the cycle that Kevin spoke about in his Q&A,” said Jenny, KB Black Belt.

Whether it was their first time meeting Kevin or they have participated in his Kickboxing masterclasses before, everyone in attendance agreed: the class was truly inspirational, some might even say life-changing.

Kim said: “Kevin’s master class was such a phenomenal experience. I will be processing the life lessons for days. His willingness to give his time, talent and wisdom was truly a gift. Watching the fluidity of his technique, intuition, and presence was amazing. Thank you for organising this opportunity, Kelly.♥🖤”

The Kickboxing class lasted two hours and culminated in an insightful and emotional Q&A, where Kevin shared life lessons and memories of his martial arts journey to date. As he spoke about how the lessons learned from martial arts affect every aspect of one’s life – for example, how to meet challenges with hope and determination – there were murmurs of agreement throughout the room.

Chief Instructor, Kelly KB, who achieved her Black Belt in Kickboxing and Black Sash in Kung Fu under Kevin’s tutelage, said: “We all shared a special moment in time this evening. I told Kevin, as we drove home, that the Q&A session always presents us with a window to his soul. The raw emotion is so powerful. We are privileged that he generously shares himself with us in such a way. Thank you for making tonight a priority and sharing the experience with us.”

It was a very special opportunity and those who missed it expressed their regret and their hope that this was not the last chance to be in the presence of greatness.

“I am so gutted to have missed Kevin’s return to the KB dojo! I know what a great experience it is to be taught by him. My only hope is that he’ll be back one day!” said Adam.

Indeed, we’ll just have to hope. Time will tell.

Kelly and KB Fitness members will not hesitate to welcome Kevin back for another exceptional masterclass in the near future.

Do you want to be inspired to be your best, by the best? Well, you found KB Fitness when searching “London Kickboxing classes near me”, so come and find out if KB’s London Kickboxing classes can help you become the best version of yourself.




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