Quite true, training at KB Fitness is far from a typical fitness workout. Instead, there are kicks, punches, blocks, smiles, footwork, staffs, laughter, swords and knives!

Some of this description could sound ominous, but training in our KB Kickboxing classes, KB Self Defence classes and KB Kung Fu classes, is quite the contrary. In fact, every type of class is in a safe, nurturing environment, without ego and aggression.

The swords and staffs at KB Kung Fu are actually great fun. Some members use mops, brooms – anything they can improvise with.

In the fitness industry, every workout has a legion of devoted followers. Ultimately, finding where you ‘fit’ is all that matters. If that’s running or swimming, it doesn’t matter.

Being healthy and happy does.

It is our belief though, at KB Fitness, that training in the martial arts takes the workout experience to a whole other level. Our members often say that they are fitter than they have ever been.

More than the physical benefits, there is a sense of family at KB. One of our members, Kelly Fiestas Navas, confirmed this when she wrote:

‘It’s a fact that no one who hasn’t experienced our training will understand what it’s like, why we love it. I love that at KB and in our Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan, we find nothing but support, and love. It’s a wonder and that’s why KB is a haven for so many of us. That’s why once you “get it”, you don’t want to leave. I hope more members will come to understand what that means.’

Kelly Bunyan (KB) adds,

‘In my opinion, training in the martial arts is more engaging than doing a more traditional workout. The way we move provides a full body workout, leaving us feeling empowered and literally high, from the endorphin release. The spiritual connection between all involved is special too; it enriches the experience.’

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