With almost a quarter of a century’s history, many students and instructors have been part of KB Fitness’ journey, teaching Kickboxing classesSelf Defence classes and Kung Fu to thousands of Londoners.

As the school grew and time passed, Chief Instructor, Kelly (KB), has had to train up the next team of instructors to meet the demands of all her students.

Some, like Jess, have transcended all generations and continue to teach, 18 years on. Jess says: “I started assisting the instructors in classes quite early on in my time at KB.

I found it very rewarding to help newer students take their first steps into the world of martial arts. When the opportunity arose later to train as an instructor myself, it was an easy decision to make. I love passing on my passion for martial arts to others. It’s really such a pleasure to help students develop their skills, and to inspire them to work towards and achieve their goals. I get to see people grow in self-confidence and self-belief, just as I did when I joined the school. Martial arts really does change people’s lives and being part of that is a privilege.”

Our school’s Chief Instructor, Kelly (KB), prefers to train the school’s instructors herself from scratch. There is no better way to ensure that KB’s ethos is being upheld, that the standards of teaching in her kickboxing school in London are as high as hers.

Two of the newest recruits are loving the process and share their thoughts:

“Just being considered for an instructor’s role at KB is such a privilege! And Kelly and Dee are making it a very positive and rewarding process, thank you, Kelly and Dee, for all your faith and the encouragement from both of you! All the students in the school are also incredibly supportive of us learning to teach, in best KB fashion 🙂 Getting a glimpse into KB instructing makes me appreciate even more how much consideration and work Kelly, Dee, and all your instructors put into making sure every single class is fabulous for every student – managing the online tech alongside the Dojo, making sure every student online and in the Dojo is seen and taken care of, teaching kickboxing trials in London next to advanced students, and being a DJ on top of it all! I’m looking forward to the next steps on the journey to becoming a KB instructor 🙂 There’s so much to learn, and it’s a lot of fun trying out the other side of class! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!!!”, says Frederike, one of the newest additions to the KB teaching team.

“Learning to teach in Kelly’s school is an incredible experience – it will be a massive honour to teach in what I consider to be the best martial arts school in London! There is SO much for me to learn – it’s amazing to see the care and attention that is given to every aspect of class to ensure that each student has a brilliant experience every time they train. I’m embracing the challenge and looking forward to the journey,” adds Beth, who is also on her teaching journey.

From the most recent generation, all the way back to our martial arts school’s Senior Instructor, Dee Terret, all KB instructors are ready to welcome you and help you ignite your passion for the martial arts.

Are you ready for this life-changing experience?




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