It is common to ask someone why they joined our martial arts school in London. The answers will be varied: fitness, discipline, confidence, fun, want to become a black belt, learn to protect myself and so on. But the real question to be asked is why do they stay?

It is undeniable: KB members are addicted to the endorphins they get at our Kickboxing classesKung Fu classes and self-defence classes in London. They are addicted to the grading process, to progress, to the friendships they make along the way and certainly, addicted to being nurtured in a caring environment.

One of the school’s students and instructors, Marianne, said this of Jess’ 18 years in the school: “This is just so amazing! Amazing staying power but also great demonstration of how great it is to be part of KB. And making martial arts a way of life – just like Kelly KB and Dee of course!”

To which Jess responded, “#KBforlife.”

What better addiction to have than one that improves your fitness, does wonders for your wellbeing, is filled with positivity, and teaches cool new skills in a nurturing way?

Newer members may come into the room feeling apprehensive, but soon find out that they are being welcomed into a family. 

“2 days can turn into 2 months, then 2 years… We were all beginners once 😉”, says Jess to one our newest members

Members may be punching and kicking each other, but the level of support in the KB dojo is unparalleled. That is how many life-long friendships were formed at class: through mutual admiration and respect.

KB members even go out together during weekends, and have been known to travel together, cementing the idea that the members are indeed a family and will be training together for a long time. #KBFamily #KBforlife!




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