The KB Kickboxing Tournament League started with a bang on Tuesday 24th January.In a show of mastery, Lead Referee and Chief Instructor Kelly KB held the event alongside the KB Kickboxing class of her graded students.

Among the ki-ais of their KB Kickboxing training peers, the competitors showed focus, precision and speed in a beautiful display of high standard Kickboxing points fighting.

“Loved every minute of my fight against Ruth. Thank you for multitasking so that we can have tournaments, Kelly. I learn so much from watching; there’s just so much camaraderie and respect,” said Kim who competed for the second time.

After winning two rounds, Victor, KB Kickboxing Purple Belt (4th) belt, and Nick, KB Kickboxing Green Belt (2nd) belt, faced-off for the final. You can see their exceptional KB Kickboxing fighting standard on this video.

“This video is a great insight into how the points fighting and the tournaments work at KB’s London Kickboxing classes, as well as showcasing as usual the skill, kindness and care taken by all participants – particularly higher grades against less experienced fighters,” said Jess Baker, KB Kickboxing instructor.

As Kelly says in the video, the KB Kickboxing fighters will tailor their techniques and intensity according to the level of the person they are fighting. Everyone who competes at KB’s Kickboxing tournaments feels completely safe, and benefits from the fun and added experience gained by competing.

Over the years, KB’s Kickboxing League has had many different winners: Jane Hamilton, Isabel Milner, James Boyd-Wallis, Jenny Whinney, to name a few, most of whom are now retired from competing, even if temporarily.

With new competitors joining the KB Kickboxing tournament this year, and seasoned fighters upping their game, it’s a complete mystery who will win the league and take the KB trophy home at the end of the year. Everyone has a chance of winning.

Are you keen to start your martial arts training and maybe even compete at KB’s Kickboxing tournament league this year? Why not book your first London Kickboxing class today and take the first steps in that direction?




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