KB Fitness members showed grit, determination and fire on a highly successful KB Kickboxing Grading Day on 18th December 2022.

KB Fitness’ members train hard and commit to their martial arts goals all year round but KB Sundays, which happen in June and December, are when they get the chance to show off the progress they have made under Chief Instructor Kelly KB’s tutelage, and get awarded their new KB Kickboxing belts.

In KB tradition, the day started early with KB members sending good luck messages in the school’s WhatsApp group.

Zuzanna said: “Good luck everyone! I’m looking forward to seeing all the new belts and the new sashes and celebrating your achievements with you.”

Lloyd said: “Good luck to all the graders and mockers today. It’s such a great experience – hope everyone enjoys and embraces it.”

The Kickboxing graders were not the only ones in the KB Grading Dojo, however. They were supported by mock graders, who came to simply train alongside the graders, test their own fitness levels and lend their energy to those being assessed.

Ruth, who took her Orange Belt, said: “I think the first half hour of grading was possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. But I have to say that because your school is full of great people and such a kind, helpful ethos that at every water break there was someone saying “you can do this” and that for every bit of pad holding/sparring my partner was telling me I could do it and encouraging me. I couldn’t have done it anywhere else, because I don’t think any other school would have the same level of support from everyone around me.”

The level of support, encouragement and care that KB Fitness members have for one another, and one another’s achievements, is rare to find.

On a day of amazing achievements, the KB Kickboxing graders dug deep and unleashed the fire within. In addition to 11 new KB Kickboxing Belts, Kelly KB awarded 2 KB Kung Fu Black Sashes, making these the 7th and 8th in the school’s 24 years of existence.

Frederike, who became the 7th Elite Squad member (Black Belt in Kickboxing and Black Sash in Kung Fu) sent a message to Kelly: “THANK YOU for awarding me your Black Sash yesterday! Truly one of the proudest moments of my life. Thank you for all the work you put in to get us ready for the day. It was such a unique experience, and one which will stay with me. Honestly, every grading is a joy, but I enjoyed this one more than any other. I just kept smiling, and remembering that this was my last grading, and to cherish every moment. It was tangible throughout, how much you and your grading panel all wanted us to soar. Those final ten calls were a uniquely special moment!!! Seeing your emotion made me want to push even more, and it made me so proud and grateful to see that after all the time and energy you had invested in Beth and me over the past months (and years), you were moved by that final culmination of our grading journey.”

Beth, who took her KB Kung Fu Black Sash alongside Frederike, sent a lovely card to Kelly: “Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. Being your student is an honour and a privilege. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grade 14 times – the experiences have been life-changing! Thank you for the smiles, laughter, endorphin-making, inspiring classes. So many of my happiest moments happen because of KB – both inside the dojo, or with the friends I have made at KB. Thank you for lifting me up to stand on your shoulders so that I can reach for the stars, and so that I can enjoy so much success. Thank you for awarding me with one of your Black Sashes – it means the world to me.”

It was certainly a very special moment since only 8 students of over 10 thousand have achieved Black Sash standard in Kung Fu at KB Fitness.

After the belts were awarded, the day continued with a sparring class and in-house tournament, to excited cheers of the spectators, and high standard fighting from all the competitors.

The day wound down with KB’s end of the year party, with many smiles, celebrations, speeches and the traditional Grading shots, where KB Kickboxing graders have a shot of a drink in the same colour of the belt they were awarded.

It was certainly a wonderful day, one to be remembered. You can check out the highlights in this video, produced as a memento for the students to enjoy and look back on.

Did reading this article make you curious about what it’s like to be nurtured to achieve your goals, and not only achieve them but soar and excel at them? You probably found KB Fitness by searching for “London Kickboxing classes near me”, so why not come for a Kickboxing trial class in the new year and see for yourself why our members say that the KB experience is life-changing?




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