KB members work hard. They are committed to their training and know what is required for them to reach the next level. They are enthusiastic and upbeat in their training, so it’s no surprise that, when it’s time to celebrate, they are also unstoppable!

After an intense and exhilarating grading, when members are awarded their new belts in KB Kickboxing or sashes in KB Kung Fu, they gather at a local pub to celebrate together with their instructors to celebrate the achievements of the day.

The camaraderie and friendships formed in the KB dojo are beautiful to see. These friendships are the origin of several KB traditions, one of which is KB coloured shots. Although all graders are welcome to partake in this tradition, it is most popular with the higher grades in the school.

The KB coloured shots tradition started about 7 years ago and involves the Kickboxing graders drinking shots of the same colour as their new belts. It can be challenging to find shots in blue, green, orange, purple, brown and black. Some are easier to find than others, so over the years there has been an array of creative choices, ranging from orange juice to Guinness!

KB Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan said: “Whatever is in the shot glass, the tradition of the ritual is a great, fun way for my students to celebrate the joy of their achievements and the cheers of their peers. It’s always a good laugh!”

All our members are encouraged to join the social side of KB Fitness and celebrate at the pub after each KB Kung Fu and KB Kickboxing grading. 

Would you like to join our London kickboxing classes, kung fu classes or self-defence classes, set goals, smash them and celebrate with us?




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