“Life is short”, many people like to say. “Live life to the fullest”, is another popular saying.

How many times have you made New Year’s Resolutions, and how many times did you actually fulfil those plans?

KB members are encouraged to set goals for the year because we believe that having something to reach for, a measurable goal, can motivate one to stay on track and progress.

“I think one of the most satisfying aspects of training at KB as a beginner, was being able to set micro goals and see them being achieved over time,” said Jane.

Training goals are just as personal and unique as each KB member. People train at KB Fitness’ martial arts classes for different reasons, and therefore, their training goals will vary. Not everyone wants to focus on the same goals, especially considering all the differing work schedules, family time and other commitments each person is juggling.

The KB team completely understands this and supports every goal, from the specific, e.g. aiming to take a belt within a certain timeframe, to more general, e.g. just enjoying the classes and training consistently. Enjoying one’s training is actually a great goal – to devote yourself to activities you enjoy, that make you feel good about yourself, goes a long way to keeping you positive and refreshed to face your day-to-day obligations.

Some beginner members may be unsure as to what goals they can set besides coming to classes, or what kind of things would be realistic for them to achieve in the span of one year. Well, with commitment, dedication, and guidance, a lot can be achieved. The KB team is always present to reassure the members and even guide them on a one-to-one basis to set achievable and enjoyable goals together, and to monitor them with regular check ins to ensure they are on track to reach those goals.

“I have felt better since I started training, my general fitness is improving. I want to really focus on my stamina and flexibility and lose a bit of weight to have a leaner build in the coming months, those would be my main goals, as well as work towards the KB Kickboxing White Belt in March,” said Thomas, KB member since October 2023.

“Attend classes consistently, improve flexibility, increase energy, work on technique and become proficient in KB Self Defence,” said Tina, KB member since May 2023.

Thomas and Tina have been training in the martial arts at KB Fitness for less than one year. The fact that they have set goals early on means that they want to have the discipline to achieve those goals, and it also means that they can inspire other beginners like them to set goal, too.

It is just as inspiring when older members, like Neil and Phoebe, who have been KB members for many years, set the example and share their goals too.

“I think my main goal is to continue learning the KB Kung Fu Brown Sash syllabus. I would also like to simply continue training as often as possible, carry on enjoying it and stay healthy and fit. Oh! I’d also like to sign up for all the tournaments for 2024 please,” said Neil, KB member since 2007.

“I’ll be aiming to do a KB Kickboxing Black Belt mock grading, and I’ll aim to grade for KB Kung Fu Green Sash in August! Going to do my usual 8 hrs a week and brush up on some black belt techniques!” said Phoebe, KB Kickboxing member since 2016.

It’s all about learning, progressing, feeding our inner fire, and becoming our best selves.

What do you want to achieve this year? Come and try a KB Kickboxing class, you may find that martial arts training is exactly what you’ve been looking for.




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