KB Monthly Inspirations


KB Fitness provides exclusive content to its members, so that they can make the most of their KB membership and feel supported in their martial arts journey.

The exclusive content includes tutorial videos that don’t exist anywhere else, a members’ website filled with information on everything about KB Fitness, including the KB Kickboxing, KB Self Defence and KB Kung Fu grading syllabuses, detailed demonstration of techniques, training equipment information, and the KB newsletter.

The KB newsletter is written and posted by Chief Instructor Kelly KB every month. In it, Kelly shares her thoughts on topics such as the history of martial arts, gratitude, positivity, self-belief, the spiritual connection that

training in the martial arts creates between her and her students, KB Fitness’ milestones, etc. to inspire and motivate her students with thought-provoking subjects.

The articles are as personal as they are heartwarming, and clearly demonstrate Kelly’s passion for the martial arts, her school and passing on her knowledge to her students.

Here’s an excerpt from the newsletter from June 2016, showing that no matter how much time passes, the themes are still very much relevant: “If you truly tap into the spirituality of martial arts, the confidence, self-belief and passion instilled by training under your instructor’s wing, the impression stays with you forever.” Here, Kelly was referring to her own experience of training in the martial arts under 5-time world champion Kevin Brewerton, but it most certainly is transferrable to the connection between herself and her students.

Kelly also poses questions for the individual, such as how to set goals, what the spiritual aspects of martial arts training means, and how martial arts training can be used as a form of relaxation and therapy.

“Goals are the first steps to every journey we take. It’s goals that take us forward in life, adding purpose to our existence, allowing our minds to focus on a target rather than expending energy without a clear purpose,” said Kelly in KB newsletter of July 2018.

Kelly also said that, while she respects everyone who sets “new year’s goals”, she prefers not to wait until a certain time to set her goals or decide what she wants to achieve. This outlook gives her students extra motivation and belief that they can fight for what they want right now, that the perfect time to achieve and live excellence is right now, whether in the KB dojo or in life.

This is somewhat illustrated in a paragraph from January 2020: “My best advice to you, in order to achieve your goals, is to train as if your next grading is imminent. At all times, you should push yourself to your current top gear. The great thing about training is that you’ll keep discovering new gears and new heights.”

Over the years, many KB students have benefitted from the stress relief and escapism that training at KB Fitness provides. Kelly mentioned this subject more recently in August 2023: “Your training provides a safe haven from the pressures of life. You are able to escape from all that’s going on in your world. This is why people arrive in a bad mood and yet walk out of the door on a high, because they’ve switched off and focused solely on their martial arts; a nourishing respite.”

Kelly showed an understanding of the emotional hurdles her students may sometimes face when she said in February this year: “My school offers you a place to belong. In me, you have a mentor you can tap into for support and guidance. As a collective force, we infuse our unique training space with an energy that lifts spirits and celebrates every moment granted to us.”

Her words are always steeped in gratitude, positivity and the spirit of altruism of someone who has an incredible passion for teaching and raising up others. Such a person, who thrives in guiding others to achieve their goals, is not necessarily easily found these days. Kelly’s approach to nurturing martial artists is kind-hearted and all-encompassing. She said earlier this year: “Every week, I am schooling my students in martial arts, yes, but my approach involves empowering the spirit, too. Sould you wish to have email contact with me outside of class, I am there to support you, in any way you need.”

Every month KB members are inspired and feel privileged to have an insight into the thoughts of their Chief Instructor. There may not be many people who would feel motivated enough to share so much of themselves outside of the dojo, after teaching for 25 years.

Think you can benefit from Kelly’s nurturing approach? Feel like you could use this kind of passion in your life? Book a KB Kickboxing class London today, and come experience KB for yourself.




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