Inspired by one of our YouTube videos, KB members shared what they have gained from their KB Fitness training by completing the sentence “KB has made me…” in the school’s WhatsApp group.

Bess started it off: “KB has made me more confident.”

“KB has made me stronger, more enlightened and yes, definitely more confident!” said Phoebe.

Increased confidence may not be the primary reason for joining KB’s Kickboxing London classes, but it is one of the most common attributes KB members gain from training. It is also a very valuable quality since it

improves their lives in and outside the dojo.

How do KB Fitness’ KB Kickboxing classes help increase confidence?

The KB Instructing Team genuinely cares about each member’s progress, while respecting the fact that everyone is an individual and learns at their own pace. Our members feel safe to be themselves. This positive environment enables our members to grow in self-confidence.

KB members are instructed in a positive, encouraging way, and are taught see themselves in a positive manner, no matter their level of experience. Consequently, they are open to learning without fear of harsh critique – either from instructors or from themselves. This leads to enjoyment of training and progression. And progression motivates them to achieve more. When the results are evident, doubts and negativity naturally disappear, leaving space only for confidence and determination, qualities transferable to day-to-day life. Our students become the best version of themselves, they can “reach for the stars”… above all, they become fighters, in and out of the dojo.

Kelly Fiestas said: “KB has made me believe in myself and become more determined to achieve my goals in the dojo, and in life.” This approach stems from determination, perseverance, and self-belief. It’s an attitude that members don’t always have when they start, but develop during their training.

“KB has made me mentally and physically stronger, helped me to push boundaries and not be addicted to comfort,” said Kim.

Physical fitness is a natural result of martial arts classes, and it is a popular reason for joining. KB members have reported feeling “the fittest they have ever been” after training regularly. Many members have also mentioned an improvement in their mental health.

“KB has made me fitter, stronger, more confident and less anxious. It’s made me push harder to achieve my goals,” said Neil.

“KB has made me fitter and stronger, with the added ongoing benefit of keeping me sane and making me happy every week!” said Ruth.

“KB has made me believe in myself and my physical capabilities, it even made me feel younger in some ways. KB has become one of my favourite places to be!” said Alice.

For many KB members, such as Ruth and Alice, the KB dojo is their safe haven, their happy place. Their training time is when they can fully focus on themselves, without interference from the outside world.

KB Instructors Jess Baker and Beth Willoughby also shared how much of a positive impact KB has had in their lives:

“KB has made me stronger. It’s made me believe that anything is possible. And that giving back to others is the best way to give to yourself (in martial arts, and in life).” said Jess.

“KB has made me calm, focused and confident. It’s made me resilient, humble and respectful. It’s made me happy and offers me peace and solace from a very hectic world. It has given me some of my best friends in the whole universe. It’s made me believe in myself, to have a can-do attitude and to reach for the stars. Kelly has shown me what incredible leadership looks like for me to aspire to.”
As you can see from these members’ comments, KB can be truly life-changing. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from increased confidence, self-belief, fitness, physical and mental strength? Who wouldn’t want to reduce stress and anxiety, and have a calmer, more focused mind?

For you, reading this article, the impact KB will have remains to be seen… What have you got to lose? Try a KB Kickboxing London class today. Who knows, maybe you will love it as much as our members do, and you’ll soon have your own version of the sentence “KB has made me…”




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