Over the years, Chief Instructor Kelly Bunyan (KB) has shared her wisdom with KB members in the form of the KB monthly newsletter, which is available only to members and is the central topic of the news article entitled KB Monthly Inspirations.

The newsletters are thought-provoking and lead KB members to share their own thoughts and stories, along with their gratitude towards Kelly and the school, as well memorable moments throughout their month of martial arts training. These responses are also exclusive to KB members, posted in the monthly newsletter comments’ section.

Kim said in one of her emails: “I’m happy to comment in the newsletter because I know how interesting it is to me to read others’ thoughts. The topics you pick always give food for thought and establish great dialogues.”

Pearl said she and Bess always look forward to reading the newsletter: “Thank you for sending the newsletter! Bess and I are always so excited to read it we end up counting down the days until it’s out. The newsletters are really interesting!”

On one of her emails, Beth said: “I’ve finally had a chance to sit and read the newsletter this morning with a cup of tea, overlooking the beautiful countryside. Thanks for preparing it, and for sharing all the member comments. I look forward to reading it each month. One sentence in the newsletter really got me thinking and I’ve been reflecting on it over the morning: ‘If you constantly strive to be the best you can be right now and, more importantly, even better in the next moment, you’ll improve untold amounts.’ This is definitely how I approached life in the past using goals to push me to always strive to be better. But I realise now it perhaps wasn’t always in the healthiest way, because I tended to be really hard on myself in the process. Piecing this advice together with elements from previous newsletters, such as the importance of being ‘gentle and encouraging to yourself, the way you would treat loved ones’ and being ‘appreciative of the now and being grateful for what we have’, I can see there is an alternative approach which will be much better for me to apply in future. The combination of mental, spiritual and physical learning is what I love about being a student in the martial arts, and in particular being one of your students at KB.”

Beth’s comment beautifully illustrates how much of an impact Kelly’s words has on her students. To the point of Beth quoting past newsletters and adhering to those words as a way of self-growth.

KB members greatly enjoy reading each other’s comments, as well: “I’m grateful that other members comment and share their experiences in the newsletter because it can help others overcome something, like fear of sparring, for example, or anxiety about a grading. It’s comforting to know that we are not alone, that someone else may be going through the same situation as us,” said James.

“Oh, I love it because my memory is not that great, so it’s a way to remember the cool things that happened in the KB month. 😊,” said Kelly FN.

Isabel Milner, former KB instructor, used to email Kelly with a list of things she loved about a particular class:

“Some things I loved about Tuesday:
*that you were teaching!
*the palpable energy you inspire in us to strive for the best, in everything in the Dojo from posture and self-belief (“who wants to win the league this year?!”) to pride and pushing for excellence at all times.
*feeling the excitement and joy of everyone being reunited with friends in class. 🙂
*at KB it’s not just about getting fit in January, as you put it in a newsletter once, why set a new year’s resolution/goal for January? Why not any time? Why not view every class as an opportunity to start/achieve something good at KB. 🙂
*what you said about appreciating the moment. You’re soooooo right. We are incredibly lucky for many reasons let alone being healthy and able to be part of your school. I cherish every second we’re in the KB Dojo, doing something so positive and empowering. Thank you so much again for creating and maintaining this safe nurturing space for us (ha! To think, others perhaps wouldn’t associate those words with a martial arts school!)
*the new graduates to your classes.
Thank you so much for all of it; for all the energy and passion to put into the school and teaching us.”

What a lovely way to put a smile on the faces of everyone reading her comments, especially those who share those memories.

To some KB members, KB becomes the one place where they can focus on themselves and not be overwhelmed by the world. It is where they can be themselves, without fear of judgement. This is why KB members have been known to call KB a “safe haven”.

“It strikes me time and time again what a unique, positive place KB is, providing a safe haven for everyone to grow 🙂 Thank you for letting me be part of it in so many ways!” said Fredi.

“Thank you for everything that you do to make your school into a safe haven and a source of power and happiness for everyone in it.,” said Marianne.

“The world is so messed up right now, and I don’t see it getting better any time soon, so I’m grateful to have a safe haven in KB, where we are inspired to be the best that we can be and where we can share such lovely moments with people who care just as much as we do,” said Kelly FN.

KB members may be of varying backgrounds and ages. They may not have much in common, but the bond they share through the martial arts makes for a strong and supportive community.

“It’s lovely to think that even those of us who don’t see each other outside of class, or know each other ‘in the real world’ all have this common thread, this bond. Mirrored experiences. When a beginner mentions to me, about sparring or grading, ‘When I came for my first class I never thought I would be doing this!’, I also remember that feeling. Or when someone’s comment in the KB WhatsApp Group describes a positive impact their training has had on them, and people chime in with ‘me, too!’, you can see the ripples of understanding and resonance. It’s really unusual but wonderful, I think, to have a community like ours where we all have an individual journey yet find so many similarities along the way,” said Jess.

In a world where we may be made to feel alone or put down by negativity, KB is a place of light where members are nurtured and supported by their instructors and their peers.

“Each time I read the newsletter I am in awe of so many lives that have been impacted by your school and teaching. It’s amazing, Kelly, and I can only say thank you time and again for having faith in me and always believing in me. I love being your student. As always, I pray that your school reaches more great heights and that I am always here to learn and grow as part of it,” said Sushil.

It’s excellent that KB members are encouraged to share their thoughts, memories and experiences, and it means a lot to each member reading those comments. It’s in the similarities of positive experiences that we can say for sure that KB indeed has a positive impact in the lives of the members. Long may that continue.

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