There are many different reasons to start training in the martial arts: to get fitter, increase confidence, develop discipline, have fun, meet new people, learn to defend yourself, becoming a Black Belt… The list goes on.

KB Fitness instructors are always keen to help each KB member to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. It’s highly satisfying for them to see their students progressing, and feeling amazing after each class.

Out of all possible goals, gradings (taking belts and sashes) are amongst the most, if not the most, rewarding. Not everyone wants to grade when they start training, but many soon change their minds when they realise that grading at KB Fitness’ London Kickboxing classes is about more than just the belt or sash. It’s a hugely rewarding and enriching personal journey.

Beth, who has completed all her gradings at KB, achieving her Black Belt in KB Kickboxing and Black Sash in KB Kung Fu, said:

“Thank you Kelly for providing us with a fabulous grading system to structure our training goals around and to celebrate our progress along the way. For anyone new to the school, or yet to experience the wonders of grading, I can’t recommend it enough. It is wonderful, amazing, life changing. Another beautiful thing about the KB Grading process is the friendships formed from the shared experience. Only those who have been through it understand what it’s like, and this forms a truly special bond. Love it!!! Thanks, KB.”

Grading at KB Fitness encompasses all the goals mentioned in the first paragraph, and much more. As Beth says, it’s a life-changing experience. Those who have graded say that there is nothing like it, and the exhilaration that they feel during each grading is unparalleled.
Phoebe, Purple Belt in KB Kickboxing and Blue Sash in KB Kung Fu said: “Grading Day is always a buzz! Whether I’m mocking or grading, I love to be part of that energy!! To know I can push myself a little bit harder and be so surprised at my and everyone’s resilience and commitment! The camaraderie is also amazing. The way everyone supports one another always makes me emotional and happy to be part of KB.”

Alice, who took her KB Kickboxing Blue Belt recently, said: “It’s so amazing to see and feel the positive energy on grading day, the support, the perseverance, the courage and the will to keep pushing ourselves. It makes me emotional to remember my grading day, how hard it was physically but how elevated and proud I felt at the end. I never thought in a million years that I would grade in kickboxing at 44! I giggle like a little girl every time I put my belt on.” Alice added: “KB Kickboxing classes have helped me so much in general since I joined. They have given me the boost to keep pushing and not be defeated by all obstacles that life throws at me.”

As Alice said, training in the martial arts gives you the confidence to face obstacles, not only in the dojo, but also in life in general.

Whatever your age or background, you can achieve great things in the KB dojo. All it takes is commitment and, with the guidance of the KB instructors, you can reach for the stars.

From all the comments about the grading experience, what they all have in common is the mention of the energy in the grading dojo, and how much everyone present supports one another.

“The energy and unity in the dojo is always incredible. There is always so much enthusiasm, support and emotion. I definitely recommend aiming for grading in the new year for anyone wanting to feel the exhilaration of reaching what seems unattainable. You won’t be alone – you will receive all the training and support you need to succeed,” said Kim, who was awarded her Green Belt in KB Kickboxing in December.

What Kim says is true; sometimes the goal seems unattainable, but among the many things that Kelly KB and KB’s instructors teach all the students, is to believe in themselves and not give up. Grading, or achieving any goals at KB Fitness, is never a solitary experience because the instructors will guide you every step of the way, and your peers will be there to celebrate your achievements along with you.

Grading is not compulsory at KB’s London Kickboxing classes, but it is very much recommended by teachers and graded students alike. Nobody regrets their grading journey.

Everyone has a training goal, even if it is simply to be more active and learn some cool moves. KB’s kickboxing classes will definitely help you reach those goals and, who knows? You could soon be tying your first belt around your waist.

Why not take the first step to reaching your goals by booking your first Kickboxing class today?




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