Training in the martial arts at KB Fitness gives KB members access to three fighting disciplines: points style fighting (used in KB Kickboxing tournaments), Kickboxing continuous fighting, and Kung Fu fighting. This is quite rare in martial art schools, and means great value for money.

Adding much needed variety to our members’ martial arts training helps with motivation. On a weekly basis, the KB Kickboxing lesson plan will focus on either points or continuous, and sometimes both styles. KB students who’ve been training with Chief Instructor Kelly (KB) for years testify that interest levels can never wane when there’s always something new to learn or a new way to train older ideas.

Kelly said: “I’ve trained in martial arts schools in the past where you throw

the same techniques, pretty much in the same way, week in, week out. Repetition certainly has its advantages; it can breed excellence. However, for me, it’s important to be creative and pass on the full range of my knowledge, rather than churning out 100s of excellent students in one style.”

She continues: “It’s most likely that if you were learning three languages at the same time, you wouldn’t become as fluent as if you had been learning just one. Swapping your attention from one to the other will have a knock on effect, unless you are smart. It’s therefore vital that you’re intelligent in your approach to training. My ‘switched on’ students have achieved excellence in all three disciplines and many more will achieve the same great standard in the not too distant future.”

KB members who are concerted in their efforts can be excellent in all three styles, provided they have good attention to detail. Kelly KB advises here students to not just go with the flow of the class, rather be switched on and focused, so they better understand what each aspect of the class is teaching. KB members are encouraged to email Kelly for additional clarification if they are ever unsure why they were asked to do a certain technique at class.

Being super-attentive is the best start KB members can give themselves in their martial arts journey. It’s important that every lesson plan is absorbed. Getting to class several times a week, so they can truly understand everything, is the best approach for faster progress. As mentioned above, repetition as a route to learning cannot be overestimated. Taking notes to help remember what’s been added to one’s fighting ‘toolkit’ from one week to the next is also a good recommendation.

Kelly said: “Everything we apply onto the pads is about fighting. Everything we do in the air is about fighting. Footwork, range and good technique are all at the core of a good fighter.”

KB members who strive for excellence at KB Fitness martial arts classes will achieve it. Those who take an average, expectant approach, won’t.

Kelly’s lessons urge members to be accurate and clean in their application, and to work with as many different people as possible, so that they’re being tested in many different ways. They’re also encouraged to attend as many classes as they can each week, aiming to be the best martial artist they can be.

The best time to ascend to the summit is right now. Are you keen to challenge yourself, set goals and reach for the stars? Aim high and the KB teaching team will assist you in getting there. Book your first KB Kickboxing class London today.




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