In the bustling world of today, where multitasking has become the norm, finding moments of pure concentration and focus can be a rarity. However, for our members, these moments are not only achievable but a fundamental part of their training.

A recent discussion within the school’s WhatsApp group shed light on the transformative power of martial arts. The quote, “I see martial arts as moving forms of meditation. When you’re sparring or drilling techniques, you can’t think of anything else,” prompted a cascade of reflections from members who found solace, focus, and rejuvenation within the walls of the dojo.

Jess, KB Kickboxing Black Belt, highlighted the concept of entering a ‘flow 

state’, where one becomes wholly absorbed in the present moment, a rare occurrence in our era of constant distraction. “Being utterly absorbed in one activity feels so refreshing and healthy,” she remarked.

Kelly FN shared a personal anecdote, illustrating the profound ability of martial arts to obliterate external worries. “Once I was asked if I picture my ex when punching and kicking and my answer was ‘honestly, I don’t even remember he exists when I’m at class.’ The magic of KB,” she enthused.

Neil, who’s been training at KB for 17 years, underscored the dojo’s role as a sanctuary from the stresses of daily life. “All of that stress just goes out of my mind once I start training,” he said. “It’s like that stuff exists in a completely separate world to the dojo.”

Zuzanna, Ruth, Sue, James, Phoebe, and Kim all added to the conversation, each attesting to the mental clarity, emotional rejuvenation, and physical empowerment they experience through martial arts practice.

“I notice that the days when I feel the least like going to class and I really have to force myself to go, is when I enjoy the training the most – it just really helps with separating myself from whatever else that was on my mind before,” said Zuzanna.

“It’s such a great thing for clearing your mind and making you feel better, no matter how your day has been,” added Ruth.

“I feel like this is a big part of why I enjoy martial arts so much – the mental meditative side of it, of getting into that focused mindset and knowing that everything you’re doing is benefiting your physical and mental health,” commented James.

As Jess aptly summarised, “It’s really nice hearing from others’ perspectives – and also seeing how we have a lot of these thoughts in common.”

For members of KB Fitness, martial arts training transcends mere exercise; it’s a journey of self-discovery, mental fortitude, and profound meditation, providing focus, inner peace and mental clarity.

If you’ve been searching for a way to relieve stress and learn new skills at the same time, KB Fitness’ kickboxing classes are definitely a good fit for you. No need to search ‘kickboxing classes near me’ anymore. Come experience the benefits of martial arts training at KB.




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