The energy at KB Fitness’ Central London dojo was buzzing last Tuesday as the school’s higher grades welcomed the KB Blue Belts-to-be to our Chief Instructor, Kelly (KB)’s, Kickboxing classes in London.

In order to make sure all KB Graders have the required standard to pass their next (or their first) belt, Kelly (KB) assesses and mentors them closely at her Kickboxing classes. This group all roared and soared under her direct tutelage. KB Fitness’ next Kickboxing grading is in June. Nine beginners are hoping to be awarded their first belt.

Marianne, one of KB Fitness’ Black Belts and instructors said: “I remember my first class with you so vividly – I was really nervous but it was so exciting to make that step up! It was just magical to share the training dojo yesterday with so many new aspiring Graders as well as your students, the senior grades. It is so special to get to share someone’s early sparring journey with them and I love it.”

During the kickboxing class stretch, each of the members introduced themselves, mentioned their grade and how long they have trained in the school. It is a marvel that some of KB Fitness’ members have trained for over 10 years (some going on 14, 16 and 18 years!) in our martial arts school in London and are still as passionate as when they first started. They are not only passionate, but they are upbeat and ready to welcome those who are just starting their grading journey, like Victoria who said after the class: “Thank you for the warm welcome into class! Well done to my fellow newbies and thank you to the higher grades and Kelly (KB) for being so helpful and patient. ❤”

Kelly (KB) walked around her London dojo giving feedback and corrections on a 1-2-1 basis, sometimes even placing her student’s punch in the right position, as she has a very hands-on approach to teaching.

Kim Cupo said after her first Tuesday KB Kickboxing classes and KB Kung Fu classes: “I am really blown away by what an incredible teacher and motivator you are. Your ability to inspire us to have the correct mental attitude and dig deep is really unique. Your sincerity and drive to help us achieve excellence and precision clearly instil the aspiration to aim high in all your students. I appreciate you literally posing my hands and arms in the correct position on several occasions tonight and presenting your face and neck as a model target. It made a huge difference in my understanding of the techniques.” 

That is the beauty of learning from someone as passionate and nurturing as Kelly (KB) – every single martial arts class makes an enormous difference in her students’ progress. All newcomers certainly loved their first Tuesday with Kelly. 

Are you keen to embark on your journey as a martial artist too? Get in touch if so.




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