It’s KB Fitness Fashion Week. You may be thinking, how is it that a martial arts school in London could have anything to do with fashion? Well, twice a year, at the KB social after the Kung Fu grading, KB Kung Fu members are allowed to break with convention.

Whilst the KB Kickboxing belts are worn around the waist in the traditional way at our kickboxing classes in London, for one night only the graders can wear their Kung Fu sashes in a non-traditional manner – the more creative, the better. This creates lots of photo opportunities and much entertainment amongst their peers and Chief Instructor, Kelly (KB).

Over the years, there have been many different styles, among which are headbands, neck ties, sashes across the chest, and even an elaborate flower-shaped hat. There are no limits when creating the next Kung Fu Sash Fashion masterpiece.

So this is the long awaited evening and, after an intense and gratifying KB Kung Fu grading, all Graders have been awarded their new sashes – congratulations! We have been on the edge of our seats in anticipation of what they would come up with this time around!

From our fun tradition, friendly attitude and welcoming approach, it is easy to see that the social side of KB is an essential part of the training routine. Having a strong sense of community and family within our kickboxing school in London gives all students, from beginners to long term members, a sense of belonging.

Are you keen to join the #KBFamily and soon participate in the modelling of your Kung Fu sash too? Get started in our kickboxing class and see where the journey takes you. 




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