KB Fitness’ Chief Instructor Kelly KB posted an announcement on KB Fitness’ WhatsApp group on Monday 27th March: “I am DELIGHTED to announce that KB Fitness has now surpassed the number of memberships that we had before the first nationwide lockdown. Thank you to all my team for helping to make this happen. Thanks to every member for your loyalty.”

Her words were met with enthusiasm from members old and new. Here are just a few of the messages:

“That’s great news!” said Neil, KB member since 2007.

“Wow, what amazing news! Thanks for sharing, Kelly. And to you and Dee for keeping us all together,” said Jess, KB member since 2003, and KB Instructor.

“Congratulations and well deserved! Thank you for the amazing news! Thank you for all the hard work across delivering amazing lessons, marketing

campaigns and sharing your art with your students, which has gotten the school to where it deserves to be! Pleased and proud to be part of the KB assisting team! And looking positively towards smashing the next target!” said Ryan, KB member since 2016.

“Amazing news!” said Kim, KB member since 2021.

It’s been three whole years since the first nationwide lockdown. Three years since everyone living in the UK had to adapt and learn to live their lives remotely. It was a darker time, when people lost their jobs, businesses closed down, and many people lost loved ones, or even their own lives, to COVID-19.

Due to the circumstances, KB Fitness lost more than half of their KB Kickboxing members. Many loyal members stayed, adapted to online training, continued progressing in their martial arts learning and supported the school through this difficult period.

Ever since the lockdowns were lifted, KB Fitness has resumed offering martial arts classes, including KB KickboxingKB Self Defence and KB Kung Fu, in Central London.

However, the KB online classes were so popular that Chief Instructor Kelly KB decided that KB Fitness would continue to offer live Zoom, live Facebook and archived Facebook classes to its members. This has been wonderful for KB members who live abroad or outside of London, those whose schedules don’t always allow in-person attendance, or those who like to re-watch classes at any time, day or night – the KB Fitness catch up service is available to members 24/7.

KB Fitness’ growth since the lockdowns has been slow but steady. It took the KB team three years to recover completely so it’s a memorable moment in the school’s history to have reached this point.

Kelly showed her gratitude to her team and KB members on her FB post: “It took time and effort to grow again, but it was all worth it. Thanks to the KB team for all your hard work. Thanks, too, to each and every KB member, old and new. Your loyalty and contribution to our school ensures that KB continues to thrive and offer a safe haven for so many to train in the martial arts. Here’s to many more years of fighting together to achieve your martial arts goals.”

“Many businesses closed their doors permanently over the past three years. I am very grateful that Kelly and Dee found ways to keep the school running for us. Having a connection to my peers, and my martial arts training to focus on during those difficult times was invaluable,” said Kelly Fiestas, KB Administrator, and KB Member since 2014.

Today, KB Fitness is thriving, offering eight weekly classes, including three different disciplines. It can only be due to the expertise of the KB instructors, and the well-established ethos of the school that endorses kindness, positivity and the highest standard or martial arts training.

Keen to be part of the #KBFamily and achieve your martial arts goals this year? You could choose to learn KB London Kickboxing, KB Self Defence, KB Kung Fu (or all three!) and end the year feeling proud of your achievements. KB instructors are looking forward to guiding you and helping you unleash your inner martial artist.




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