What is it like to step into a martial arts dojo for the first time? Many people are fascinated by martial arts and are keen to try, but end up putting it off or even never doing it because they are complete beginners.

It’s true that every school is different, and it’s important to find the training environment that’s right for you. Some schools will cater only for more advanced students, or favour full-contact fighting and knockouts. At KB Fitness, offering KickboxingSelf Defence and Kung Fu to Londoners for 24 years and counting, Kelly KB and her team make sure their classes cater to all levels. Contact levels are light and controlled. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned Black Belt, you will find our training space welcoming, inclusive and uplifting.

A common concern from beginners is feeling that everyone is looking at them or judging them, or that they are expected to get things 100% right immediately. At KB Fitness’ Kickboxing, Self Defence and Kung Fu classes, this is never the case.

“You tend to think everyone is looking at you when you start, and you worry about messing it up. The instructors are paying close attention to boost you and teach you. But everyone else is focusing on their own techniques and training and no one is judging you. So it’s good to put that out of your mind and just throw yourself into the class fully, and you’ll just start to love it and improve loads,” said Jenny, a KB instructor who started in the school as a complete beginner and made it to Black Belt standard in Kickboxing and Kung Fu.

The instructors will always challenge you to give your all and motivate you to be your best, but they understand that everyone has different strengths and limitations, and learns at a different pace. Enjoying your training is the most important thing.

“I remember when I first started, I’d often not be able to keep up and I’d worry about letting my partner down and that I wasn’t doing it right. Dee said to me, ‘as long as you’re enjoying it and getting a good workout then that’s fine – you’re letting no-one down. And soon you’ll be able to do more.’ And you know what? Dee was right! With time I was able to keep up, and in the process I had super fun and made some amazing friends. Thanks, KB, for an amazing school where all of our progress is valued at every stage in our martial arts journey,” said Beth, who has been learning Kickboxing, Self Defence and Kung Fu for 7 years, and has recently achieved Black Sash standard in Kung Fu.

Beth described a situation many beginners face: the one where they think they are slowing down their partners or preventing their partner from learning because they are less experienced, less flexible, or slower. At KB Fitness, however, there is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie in every class. When doing partner work, KB students cheer and encourage one another without criticism.

“Everyone is going at their own pace, and enjoying the classes is the main thing. We were all beginners once, and even those of us who’ve been there for years make mistakes sometimes. Everyone is there to be supportive and enjoy! That’s what makes KB such a great place,” said Ruth, once a beginner, now training London Kickboxing and Self Defence for 12 years.

It can be intimidating to enter an unknown place filled with new people, but once you break that wall and demystify it, you get to have amazing experiences, challenge yourself, boost your confidence and achieve goals you didn’t think were possible.

Chief Instructor Kelly KB also shares her memories: “When I was 11, I stepped into a room full of men, who were towering over me. Despite the testosterone, posturing, and ego, I found a place where I, the only female, belonged. Training in the martial arts became a part of me, 37 years ago. Other than my instructor, it didn’t matter to me who was in the room. For me, from the first class, I knew he would take me on a life-changing journey. My training peers would come and go. I gave every part of me in every class. Pushed super hard and experienced a natural high, taking me to a place where I would soar. Tap into the uplifting energy and experience the euphoria, is my advice. The bonus is that my school is a very different environment to the school I trained in. More nurturing and loving. So feel the collective level of care and love every minute that we’re gifted.”

KB members are fortunate to have a safe haven where they are inspired to become the best version of themselves, where they can set their own goals and be guided every step of the way to reaching those goals.

Are you ready to take Kelly’s advice and tap into the uplifting energy and euphoria only a martial arts class can bring? Book your first London Kickboxing class near me today.




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