The phrase ‘glass half full vs glass half empty’ is often used to describe one’s attitude towards life. While both perspectives are valid, having a ‘glass half full’ mindset generally promotes a more positive and optimistic approach to situations. The glass half empty brigade struggle to see the light, too enshrouded by darkness. For example, they’ll get stressed when purchasing property (despite it being a privilege to do so), moan about the day-to-day commitment of parenting (when the parent of a very sick child can only dream of contending solely with the mundane), and so on.

Chief Instructor Kelly KB, being of the ‘glass half full’ mindset, said: “My adamant insistence to look for the good in every situation, and to swiftly claw my way back to the light in times of darkness means that I am not short of perspective. After all, we need only compare our situation to the hell others go through and we are instantly reminded of how fortunate we are, on so many levels.”

In the realm of martial arts, a person who drains rather than radiates energy

would struggle to make it through the grading system. For multiple reasons, having a positive perspective when training in the martial arts is crucial. It allows you to see possibilities and believe in the potential for a better future. For example, such an outlook helps to improve mental and emotional well-being, leading to better physical health, performance, and overall satisfaction with progress in training.

It can be challenging to maintain a positive perspective, especially when facing difficulties in any area of life. In martial arts, these can be injuries, brain fog, co-ordination issues, the inability to score a point etc. When coping with such situations, accepting emotions becomes essential.

Kelly advised her students: “Allow yourself to momentarily acknowledge your frustration or disappointment, whilst simultaneously reframing it and banishing any negativity, such as frowning or heading shaking, from the dojo. Endeavour to see the situation as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Ask yourself what you can learn from the experience and how you can apply that knowledge in the future.”

Practising gratitude reminds us to appreciate that we have the good fortune and health to train at all. Focusing on progress, even if it’s small. Celebrating achievements and remind ourselves of the things we’ve learned. Identifying areas that need improvement and setting personal goals. Taking small, actionable steps to work towards those goals, and celebrating the progress along the way.

Embracing the positivity in the dojo: Listening out for the instructor’s collective praise, feed off a training peer’s enthused “whoop” or high five. A positive mindset is a must to continue to experience the joys of martial arts training.

Developing a positive outlook is a skill that takes practice, so it requires patience and persistence. In order to succeed in martial arts training, it’s important to have an obstinance about you: “OF COURSE I can do this.” If you’re a beginner and that feels a little too bold at this stage, then “Yes, I can do this,” will suffice. If your default setting has always been “I’m not sure,” “maybe,” “don’t think so,” then KB Fitness’ London Kickboxing classes are the right place for you. Under the tutelage of Kelly and her team, you’ll be taught to reside in a world of positivity. Then, one day, you’ll not just climb over walls, but smash through them.

Remember that training in the martial arts is a journey, and it’s normal to encounter challenges and setbacks along the way. By maintaining a positive perspective, you can approach those challenges with resilience and determination, and continue to grow and improve as a martial artist, and as a person.

It’s important to note that having a ‘glass half full’ mindset doesn’t mean ignoring or denying negative aspects of life. It simply means choosing to focus on the positive and approaching situations with optimism. Striking a balance between optimism and realism can help create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. More enjoyable, too, considering people are generally drawn to those who have a positive and optimistic attitude.

For that reason, KB Fitness’ London Kickboxing classes are filled with whoops, smiles and positivity. Keen to infuse your life with positivity and face life’s challenges with an indomitable spirit? Come try a KB London Kickboxing class today.




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