The KB Fitness dojo was on fire this week! Our KB Members’ combined energy in our KB Kickboxing classes, KB Self Defence classes and KB Kung Fu classes set the room alight!

Every member’s face lights up when they walk into our sacred training space. Our instructors too, all appreciating the magical nature of our training environment. A place so transformative, that after a terrible day, you can walk back out of the martial arts session feeling 10 feet tall.

A contributing factor is the ki-ai. Where else is it socially acceptable to shout loudly, whilst punching and kicking?! Sounds so ominous but it is truly therapeutic. It makes such an impact, that it can be heard from outside our London dojo, or as Jess, one of our instructors, said in the school’s 


WhatsApp group recently: “I could hear you all the way in North London!”

The kind of energy in the kickboxing classes, just cannot be replicated elsewhere. There is something about a group of people collectively striving to be their best, roaring and soaring as a united force, feeling and being excellent in every moment.

“It’s all about mindset. When your body feels tired, engage your mind to overrule the fatigue. You have the power. I can feel the fire in each and every one of you tonight! This room is ablaze!”

This is just one example of how KB Fitness’ Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan (KB), brings out the fire in her students in her Kickboxing classes in London. She continually pushes her members to reach new heights and in doing so, enlivens them.

“You are super fit! One hundred axe kicks took you just one and a half minutes to complete! That’s nothing considering how many hours you train for every week! You are SUPER FIT! Can you do it again? OF COURSE YOU CAN!”, Kelly roared, prior to the second set of 100 axe kicks. 

It is thrilling to watch, as just when our students start feeling tiredness creeping up on them, such words of encouragement will have them digging deeper to find a newfound level of strength and fitness, continually progressing as a result. The instructing team are super experienced and know exactly how to get the best out of every individual in their school.

One tactic they use, is to count down the calls towards the end of a combination, “10, 9, 8 … !” As expected, a change in gear is noticeable and everybody is taught to be sharper than before. Members are equally encouraged to shout out to one another in support, and to ki-ai louder together at the end of each call. The camaraderie is quite beautiful. The shared energy is heart-warming.

Beth, who is currently striving to take her KB Black Belt in December, said in our martial arts school’s WhatsApp group after class this week:

“KB does that…gets you super fit, gives you a positive mindset that says ‘Hell YASS – I CAN do 200 axe kicks’ and gives you fire and determination that you can use inside and outside the dojo. Thanks, Kelly, for giving us such a wonderful school to train in and for your guidance in making us better versions of ourselves.”

Are you ready to be ignited and share this fire with us? 




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