With world events and the stress of rising living costs weighing down on people’s shoulders, the office environment can become gloomy and uninspiring. That’s where self defence team building comes in.

When our clients throw themselves into one of our self-defence team building classes, they come out of the room feeling lighter and brighter.

Considering the subject matter could be heavy, that’s no mean feat. Being the positive spirit that she is, Dee, who teaches most of the team building self defence classes for KB Fitness, presents the workplace self defence training in an uplifting way.

It takes a positive spirit to keep things upbeat and Dee surely has one. Her enthusiasm is infectious and all attendees at our self defence team building classes soon get into a fighting mode with a twist, lots of kicks, grab releases and punches, yes, but they are accompanied by plenty of smiles and cheer.

There is something about stepping into the unknown of self-defence team building classes as a team of colleagues; it unites all involved. As a result, a work team that may have been feeling a bit disenchanted and disconnected, winds up feeling like a much tighter-knit group.

Robyn Copp-Barton, said this about the class she booked for her team at Natwest:

“Dee from KB Self Defence came to our office for a team bonding/wellbeing activity. From beginning to end, Dee made us all feel incredibly comfortable and engaged. We received information about the law around self defence and we were encouraged to get hands on straight away. This session was invaluable for beginners and Dee created a safe and supportive environment where we could ask any questions about the theory and practice. It was a great introduction and would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking to get become more knowledgeable about their personal safety.” 

If you’re keen to introduce your team to our morale boosting self-defence team building classes, which in equal measure help with self defence and employee well-being, get in touch.




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