Life is full of choices, and sometimes we have no idea what a far-reaching impact our choices will have on others.

In 1985, an eleven-year-old girl walked into Kickboxing World Champion Kevin Brewerton’s dojo and became his student. Little did they know that girl would grow up to become a mentor and inspiration to many aspiring martial artists. That girl would grow up to become KB Fitness’ Chief Instructor, Kelly KB.

You know you’re doing something right and worthwhile when a top level martial artist like Kevin acknowledges your work. Kevin gave a shout out to Kelly on his official Facebook: “Kelly came into my school when she was about 13 and became my student. She was a young girl with a lot of grit and determination. In time she became a black belt and teacher to many.”

In a sphere usually dominated by men, such as the martial arts world, Kelly trained under Kevin for years in a class where she was the only girl, an impressive feat in its own right. She was awarded her Black Sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu and decided to pass her knowledge on to as many people as possible.

“Kevin helped shape me into a confident, strong woman, for which I’ll be eternally grateful. I’m so glad that we are life-long friends; having him in my life is a blessing,” said Kelly in response to Kevin’s Facebook post.

In Borehamwood in 1998, Kelly started her instructing journey teaching a select group of women. In 1999, she founded KB Fitness in Central London, which grew to become the largest female-owned martial arts school in the UK.

In the past 24 years, Kelly has taught over 10,000 people, some for a few months and some for many years, but one thing is undeniable: the lasting imprint on the souls of those who have trained at KB Fitness’ London martial arts classes.

Beth Willoughby, one of Kelly’s students who has achieved Black Belt in KB Kickboxing and Black Sash in KB Kung Fu, sent this lovely message to Kelly: “It’s wonderful to have a Chief Instructor that takes such joy in helping others grow and succeed, and I feel very privileged for the time and effort that you have invested in me. Thank you for being such a devoted teacher and leader. Being your student is an honour and a privilege. Thank you for lifting me up, to stand on your shoulders so that I can reach for the stars. Thank you for giving me the most wonderful of gifts by teaching me Kung Fu. Thank you for sharing a part of your soul with me.”

Frederike Beyer, who was awarded her Black Belt in KB Kickboxing and Black Sash KB Kung Fu alongside Beth, also shared her thoughts with Kelly: “Looking back at the seven years I’ve been in your school it’s truly been a life changing experience. Being taught by you brings out the best in people, and I am sure it has made me a better person.”

Kelly’s mentorship and impact is acknowledged by members from all levels of the grading spectrum.

Kim Cupo, who has just graded for the 2nd time in KB Kickboxing, being awarded her Green Belt, sent the following message: “We are so grateful for the opportunity to be trained by you. Words fail to convey what your investment in our training and being part of your amazing school mean to us. You are a multitasking master and the best mentor anyone could ask for. Your integrity in and out of the dojo shine in a world that applauds selfishness and mediocrity. Your selfless giving is a true blessing.”

As Beth, Frederike and Kim showed, KB members know just how lucky they are to be part of a rich lineage, such as that of Kevin Brewerton, being passed down by Kelly KB.

“I had no idea when starting as a young kid with Kevin, that almost 4 decades on I’d be teaching others,” finished Kelly.

And just because of one choice, made long ago, by a young, determined Kelly Bunyan, the life course of many people has been changed in hugely positive ways.

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