Nothing can tear us apart or abate KB members’ excitement about training together in KB Fitness’ Central London dojos.

“Morning all! I’ve been waiting for this message all morning! With the urge to say ‘helloooo new KB year!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone later 🥳”, said Fotini, one of our veteran members, on the morning of the first class back.

Ruth, who has been with the school for over ten years, added, “So looking forward to being back this week!”, and after the super charged KB class, she was not disappointed, saying, “Class was brilliant and just what I needed – thank you! Happy new KB year ❤️🖤”


It’s not just long-term students who were excited and raring to go. The KB Community has plenty of beginners, too. Bess, who joined us mid-2021, was just as energetic after the first class of the year, “Thank you for class today! I was thrilled to be back in the dojo after break. It was a fabulous first class of the new year! Thank you for teaching us Dee, and to all the higher grades for assisting!”

The bottom line is that nothing beats training together in person, sharing smiles, high-fives and laughter. This is particularly treasured after our members were deprived of that luxury for a few months in 2020.

We do of course respect and happily cater to the members who prefer not to travel into London, or even to those who cannot make it to London because they live abroad. And they were also present to show their excitement to being back: “Thanks! Just as intense logging in from home 😅”, said Christine, who joined us only a couple of months ago.

The lesson plan is well conveyed and the members find that training online is a good alternative, but the energy generated by the group in the dojo cannot be replicated anywhere else.

“LOVED being back tonight – it felt so great to be back punching and kicking and whooping and smiling and high fiving!!! 🔥 Thanks for teaching us Dee! Loved the positivity and energy in the room – thanks KB family 🥳”, said Beth, one of KB Fitness’ black belts, who is always ready to welcome the beginners to their martial arts career with a smile, and lots of high fives.

“Thanks for the great training tonight, Dee. It was great to see so many new people catching the buzz😊.”, said Kim Cupo. Here, Kim refers to the fact that KB Kickboxing and KB Self Defence classes in London have been in such high demand, as more and more people decide to prioritise their wellbeing and experience everything KB Fitness has to offer. 

Are you keen to share in the energy and be welcomed with a smile?




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