The June grading, true to form, did not disappoint. KB Sunday is renowned at KB Fitness for being a day full of emotion. It’s when our members take their belts, a ‘grading.’

We have had an unusual year, what with lockdown after lockdown pushing our kickboxing school into the virtual realm. Despite the change in our training circumstances, the grading process has refused to be derailed.

Predominantly, this is due to the fact that our Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan, continued to lead her students in the usual fashion, schooling them to truly believe that come what may, a martial artist progresses.

Since the first lockdown, until now, there have been 5 gradings in both KB Kickboxing and KB Kung Fu. On every momentous occasion, KB Members have progressed to the next level.

June’s Grading was particularly special, because two new KB Black Belts were added to the ever-growing collection. Marianne and Ryan both soared from the beginning to the end, proving to all present that they truly uphold the spirit of what it means to be a KB (Kelly Bunyan) Kickboxing Black Belt.

Marianne sent Kelly (KB) a beautiful mail after she’d achieved her goal; here is an excerpt:

“You said something before we began: that before we arrived it was just a room, and yet that we were about to make KB history in it. What turned a room into an arena for something extraordinary was your energy and power. I’ve never been more aware of that, or more grateful for it. Thank you. For every word of encouragement, for every correction. For every hour of teaching, week in and week out, no matter what is happening in your life. For building a community and a Kickboxing school which allows people to bring their diverse personalities and life experiences and really shine and grow. And for turning me into a Kelly Bunyan black belt.”

Ryan was equally grateful:

“Thank you for setting this goal and thank you for getting me there. Yesterday was so amazing, and I’m so pleased and proud of how much we all achieved. Trying to save as much of that emotion and pride as possible from KB Sunday. That grading was such an intense emotional experience followed up such an amazing high – I don’t think it can be compared to anything else in life, thank you for making it possible it’s something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you for the cracks in the harsh Chief examiner facade your roars during the grading kept the fires going in me. It’s been an amazing 6 months in the run ip to grading it’s given me something to focus on and to make something beautiful out of such an uncertain time.”

KB Chief Instructor and on grading days, KB Chief Examiner, Kelly, added:

“After 22 years of running my school and 100s of gradings, I LOVE grading day. It’s a chance for people to be rewarded for their dedication. In my school, I encourage my students to set grading goals, because I have the passion to help them achieve them. I know, having reached Black Sash standard myself, how empowering being a high standard martial artist is. It is indisputable that a martial artist feels empowered.

Whatever the colour of the belt, I love witnessing the elation and pride in my students’ faces when I award it to them. Training in my martial arts school is food for the soul, as everybody cares for one another. We celebrate together, we praise one another, we respect, love and cherish one another too.”

December is going to be the largest senior grade grading in the school’s history, with 3 new Black Belts and 4 Brown Belts, plus many more. The lockdowns haven’t just failed to derail the grading process, instead, it’s made our members more determined than ever to not be beaten down, but rather to strive to reach new heights.

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