KB Fitness members find their energy source at KB Fitness’ London Kickboxing classes. Working or studying full-time can be draining and stressful. How many times a week do you get home from work and feel like you do not have sufficient energy to spend time with your family, or play with your child?

You would not think that moving your body, punching and kicking for one or two hours at a London kickboxing class would give you energy, but it really does. Hence so many people search for a ‘kickboxing classes near me!’

“It seems counterintuitive to think of being energised by extending energy in a kickboxing class near me, but it happens all the time. You get built up by the positive energy flowing from your instructors and the collective energy from everyone in class just boosts you to achieve beyond what you felt like you had in you when you arrived. You leave the dojo refreshed, clear headed and really proud of what you accomplished,” says Kim, mother of five daughters, who has trained at KB Fitness’ London Kickboxing classes for over one year.

Indeed, Kim is right, the endorphins released during a kickboxing class London have the power to make you feel fantastic. Combine your training peers’ enthusiasm with the instructors’ level of care, and you have the perfect formula to reach the stars. Plugging into the KB Generator, as the seasoned members call it, is literally electric.

Nick has recently experienced the kickboxing classes London generator first-hand and said: “Thank you for an AMAZING class! That was probably the best energy I’ve experienced in the dojo! I went in with really low energy – mental and physical. But I came out on top of the world! Thank you!”

For many members of KB’s London martial arts classes, this is the biggest reason why they come to kickboxing classes: it is the stress relief and the unbelievable way that KB’s Kickboxing classes make them feel stronger when they leave than when they first arrived.

Have you ever experienced such energy? Do you want to feel on top of the world, like Nick? Get in touch.




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