‘Trying before buying’ has become increasingly common in our world. At KB Fitness, we realise this and have consequently made the martial arts accessible for people who might otherwise not have joined, had they not had the opportunity to try before committing. 
Of course, there are videos of online kickboxing classes, and you can ask a kickboxing school as many questions as you like prior to joining, but nothing really beats your first ever live kickboxing experience in the dojo, be it virtual or physical.

For a start, it is a great way to meet the other members of the martial arts school, to feel if the vibe is a match for you. You’ll swiftly know at your first trial in our school, whether the martial arts is something you’ll become passionate about.

In fact, you’ll be swept away by the welcoming, positive energy.

It is a great way to meet the other members of the martial arts school, to feel if the vibe is a match for you, if training in the martial arts is the type of passion you want to see flourish.

As Londoners now start returning to office work, travelling a little more freely, we are also back to our Euston venue and requests for our limited trial spaces are aplenty.

After repeated lockdowns, it seems that countless Londoners are looking for something new, to get out of the same, dull routine we’ve been subjected to. Keen to feel motivated and excited again.

Well, kickboxing classes will definitely tick all those boxes, and many more.

We certainly understand the desire to tentatively dip your foot into the unknown before taking a deep dive, which is why our team are on hand to virtually hold yours, to ensure you feel safe in our kickboxing classes.
Here’s what a few of our members have to say about their first ever experience at the school:

“I still remember the first time I had gone for my free trial Dee was so so welcoming and helpful. Not once did I feel OMG what I am doing and how will I ever get fit like others. It was all because of everyone’s support including the other members. It just made me feel this is it :)” – Sushil Nama, one of our newest members, who will be taking her first belt in a couple of weeks.

“I booked the trial class and I loved it so much that I stayed. Dee’s energy was great (as always) and everyone was so friendly!” – Ilke Usluca, KB member since 2018.

“The free trial class felt like a good way to have a taste without committing and then the 6 week kickboxing course seemed very convenient.” – Sara, originally from London, now training with us from Italy.

“The actual free trial option was important because I had never tried a kickboxing class before KB. It would have been hard for me to commit and sign up properly without experiencing even a little bit what martial arts training and also what the actual school is like.” – Apostolos, KB member since 2016.

“It was easy to sign up for a trial via email, and that I enjoyed the first class- it was friendly, fun, and I had a great workout.” – Frederike, KB member since 2015

“My girlfriend at the time actually found KB and got me a trial lesson as a birthday present – it was my first ever attempt at martial arts! I probably wasn’t expecting to still be training with the very same school all these years later, but I guess I never felt like I wanted to try anywhere else! Once I got over my long-standing awkwardness around sport and exercise, the atmosphere was just what I needed – all the positivity and enthusiasm, and no machismo or aggression, just a lot of camaraderie.” – James, who will be taking his purple belt in a couple of weeks.

Whether you’re feeling awkward, lacking motivation, fight back and book your class today to see for yourself how unintimidating our school is…




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