Several new KB members started sparring at our Kickboxing classes in London last month. One of them, Nick, recently shared his thoughts regarding the experience:

‘in short – what an incredible experience! I was a bit nervous beforehand … by the end I was riding a massive endorphin rush. Thanks for making this all possible.’

After teaching well over 8000 people and introducing more than 6000 of them to sparring, Kelly KB, our Chief Instructor, has repeatedly been in receipt of this kind of message.

She says, “Whether it is the 6000th or 1st student telling me this, it is just as special, as the positive impact we have on our members matters to me. After all, it is my martial arts school’s raison d’être.”


Just like every other message Kelly received, Nick acknowledges that nerves come into play when stepping outside the safe confines of our current comfort zone and in the direction of our true purpose. No doubt, most of our members had varying degrees of nervous energy when they attended their first Kickboxing class. Surely everybody feels slightly unsettled when sparring for the first time, just as there is some trepidation when progressing to Kelly KB’s more advanced classes and then being part of grading day.

It is not a reflection upon the school’s training dojo, for it could not be more welcoming or nurturing. The truth is that the vast majority of humans can experience nervousness irrespective of the environment; feeling nervous is a natural consequence of our hard-wired fight and flight response.

“Believing in the true power of the mind, I used to be flummoxed by my inability to eradicate my nerves with rational thought; I would still love to be able to settle any charged response through the application of logic. However, the primitive brain will continue to reign supreme. As a result, I have always advised my students to embrace the nerves, rather than waste energy endeavouring to deny their existence. Acceptance leads to progression.”, says Kelly.

Often, a root cause of nervousness is fear. Kelly has always taught her students that refusing to let fear hold us back is paramount, in the dojo and beyond. Sparring, progressing to the next level and grading would continue to be a negative, overwhelming experience, if it were not for the deliberately constructed ethos enveloping all things KB. Choosing Kelly’s school has meant that when our members feel ready to take such gallant steps, they will be in the safest hands. One of the school’s top fighters, Ryan, concurs below. More than that, he is proudly honouring the school’s ethos and affording the newer fighters the same level of respect and security.

“Another memorable event this week was welcoming Nick to the schools sparring team! I remember being really nervous before I started but was really taken care of by the team so of course in the KB spirit did my best to make sure he was looked after, and he did great. Hoping more of the newer members follow his lead and take the plunge.”, says Ryan.

As Nick and countless others have discovered, the nerves soon dissipate and the seemingly daunting experience transforms into a positive, endorphin-releasing high. Are you at all intrigued? 

Everybody on the teaching team, the Black Belts, and current KB League Champion, all put their sparring kit on for the first time once. How brilliant that you might follow in our footsteps (and kicks) – we are looking forward to accompanying you every step (and punch) of the way.

Are you keen to experience the endorphin rush of sparring and the stress relief of training? If so…




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