After 24 years of existence, KB Fitness still successfully helps Londoners to fight for and achieve their goals.

Some people might wonder what impact martial arts can have in one’s personal life. Well, our members will tell you how training in the martial arts at KB Fitness has helped not only with their fitness but with their mental health, their confidence, discipline, focus, clarity and with changing their mindset from “I can’t do it” to “I will try until I succeed.”

Last week, in a show of those attributes, KB Kung Fu members put their knowledge to the test at KB’s Kung Fu grading.

Martial arts gradings are never easy. They are a test of technical knowledge, as well as concentration, fitness, and mental strength. But although it can seem daunting to an outsider, all KB Fitness members who have decided to embark on the grading journey will tell you there is nothing more fulfilling than working towards a KB Kickboxing Belt or a KB Kung Fu Sash, and

proudly seeing it pay off when Chief Instructor Kelly (KB) tells them they have passed.

“I think part of what makes it such a positive experience is the support we receive every step of the way from Kelly, the KB Instructing team, and our peers,” says Kelly FN, who has recently achieved KB Kickboxing Black Belt standard.

Supporting and celebrating each member’s progress is very much at the core of the ethos instilled by Kelly (KB), particularly when it comes to the intricacies of learning the KB Kung Fu techniques, since it is a traditional martial art that requires discipline and attention to detail.

In a show of support, KB members sent good luck messages to the graders in the KB WhatsApp group in the morning:

“Happy Kung Fu Grading Day! Good luck for tonight to all the graders. Go into the grading dojo with confidence and a desire to soar & roar. Remember that if Kelly says you’re ready, then you’re ready. Nerves are normal, but use that KB mindset to overcome them and smash through the grading walls and challenges to be worthy to receive your shiny new sash,” said Beth.

“Good luck to all the Kung Fu graders tonight. Looking forward to seeing the pics of all the new Sashes and smiling faces later,” said Sue.

“You’re going to smash it tonight, graders,” said Kim.

As expected, the support from KB members didn’t stop there. KB Kung Fu members were present in the grading dojo to train alongside the graders, contributing to the energy and lending strength. They were even allowed by their Chief Examiner Kelly (KB) to cheer for the graders, which is unorthodox due to the traditional nature of a grading environment.

“Sometimes, the cheers and ki-ai from our peers are instrumental in getting us through. It may seem like a small thing, but it really isn’t. It’s knowing that they are there willing us on that gives us that extra boost when we most need it,” said Adam, who was awarded his KB Kung Fu Purple Sash.

After a night of hard work, KB Kung Fu graders, peers and instructors went to celebrate their achievements in the local pub. Those who were awarded new sashes wore them in unconventional ways, as you can see in the picture.

Messages of thanks and congratulations poured in all night and even the next day in the school’s WhatsApp group:

“Congratulations Kung Fu Graders!!!! Whoop whoop!!! Loved seeing all the shiny new, creatively worn sashes in the pub, looking forward to seeing them in class soon! Thank you Kelly for a great night of training and grading!” said Frederike.

“Thanks, Kelly, for running another Kung Fu grading and kickboxing class. So lovely to be part of the atmosphere watching our peers get their new sashes. Congratulations, Graders!” said Jess.

“Woke up buzzing! Thank you, Kelly, for preparing us and pushing us to fire last night. Well done to the other graders (esp. my grading buddy James – we earned our shiny new sashes!) and of course thank you to everyone there last night for cheering us on. We have a very special school,” said Nick.

KB Kung Fu graders didn’t just pass their grading, they soared. Kelly KB said in the KB WhatsApp group:

“Thank you, Graders, for your grit and dogged determination to achieve your goal, despite how hard I pushed you. You certainly delivered. Congratulations.”

This message shows not only the unparalleled support from instructor to student, but also how the feeling of gratitude is mutual.

As Nick said, KB is a special school. It is a safe haven where our members can be themselves, without fear of judgement. Our members know they will be supported to achieve their goals, whatever those may be.

Keen to experience this kind of positive energy and become a member of the KB Family? Book your first KB Kickboxing London class today. We can’t wait to help you soar, too.




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