For people who spend most of their time punching and kicking one another at London Kickboxing classes, KB Fitness members are very supportive of one another.

It is now a tradition for members to wake up on a KB Grading morning and wish the KB Kickboxing or KB Kung Fu graders good luck, in the school’s WhatsApp group.

Here are a few of the messages shared on the morning of the last KB Kung Fu grading, starting with Chief Instructor Kelly KB’s message:

“Big, great night ahead. Looking forward to the challenge. Come in full of self-belief, Graders.” said Kelly.

Some members will include heart emojis in their messages to symbolise the colours of the KB Kickboxing belts or KB Kung Fu sashes to be awarded on the day. In this instance, the white and green hearts signify the new white and green KB Kung Fu sashes being awarded. “So excited for tonight to see all the graders excel 🤍💚 We’ll all be there to roar you on and celebrate with you in the pub afterwards 🥳,” said Beth.

Jess, who has achieved Black Belt and Black Sash standard in the school, motivated the graders: “Graders, you’ve put the time in and Kelly has prepared you, so come in and show everything you’ve learned. You’re going to smash it 😎🔥”

As a result of all the positivity shared, all graders give their all and show their Chief Examiner that they deserve their new KB Kickboxing Belts or KB Kung Fu Sashes.

Non-grading KB members also join in to contribute to the energy, and support their peers as they achieve their grading goals.

Chief Examiner Kelly KB calls “Time!” to signal the end of each stage of the grading, and awards the graders their new belts and sashes to the cheers and applause of the other students. And the celebrations don’t stop there. After KB Gradings, KB members gather at a local pub to chat, laugh and share stories of their martial arts journey.

That is when the congratulatory messages start to arrive in the KB WhatsApp group, for example after the most recent Kung Fu grading:

“Congratulations Bess 🤍, Pearl 🤍, Nick 🤍 and Zuzanna 💚!!!! 🥳 What a fantastic grading night,” texted Fredi, while sitting in the pub waiting for her celebratory pizza.

Ruth also sent a message: “Thank you for a great night Kelly! And congratulations graders, what an achievement!”

Zuzanna, who was awarded her KB Kung Fu Green Sash, sent her congratulations and thanks: “Congratulations Bess, Pearl and Nick! You did so well! 🥳 Such a great night – thank you for making it all possible, KB, and for preparing all of us graders so well for the grading! Also thank you Fredi, Sonya and Nick for being my grading partners tonight – you helped and motivated me so much!”

“So exciting to be able to watch you dig deep and achieve in your gradings tonight Zuzanna 💚Pearl🤍Bess🤍and Nick🤍,” texts Kim, who trained alongside the KB Kung Fu graders for the first time.

“CONGRATULATIONS to Pearl, Bess and Nick on their first Kung Fu Sashes – looking forward to seeing you get many more 🤍. And a big CONGRATULATIONS to Zuzanna on your Green Sash.💚 And great to see everyone coming into the Dojo and supporting all the Graders 🥊,” says Sue

This is just a small sample of the support and the family feel that is found at KB Fitness’ London Martial Arts classes.

Have you been struggling to find a welcoming place where you are elevated by motivation and your achievements are celebrated?

KB Fitness instructors and members want to welcome you to the #KBFamily and be there for you every step of the way; motivating you, roaring with you and celebrating your progress in your martial arts journey.

If you were searching for London Kickboxing classes near me, or London Martial Arts classes near me and found KB Fitness, you should definitely give KB’s London Kickboxing classes a go. You may just find that you love it as much as Kim, Sue, Jess, and all the other members.




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