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Do I have to take belts? You are not obliged to take any belts.  The vast majority of KB Members grade, although some do refrain.  The KB teaching team will be behind you, whatever your motivation for training.  After a few weeks, you might realise that you would like to experience the wondrous grading high.

What's the additional fee for? This is a combined KB Membership and Licence fee (for insurance purposes).  This is renewed on an annual basis through KB Kickboxing (the renewal fee is £47 including VAT).

I'd like to train twice a week, can I?  This is possible.  Our unlimited scheme means that you pay for two classes per week, but you have access to many more; you can do as many classes as humanly possible. KB Fitness owner, Kelly Bunyan, doesn't want the price to be a barrier for her most addicted students, hence throwing in all the other classes for free (up to 8 depending on your level).

Will I get hurt?  Accidents can happen with Martial Arts training, as with any sport.  Although, due to extra care being taken, not one of our students has been seriously injured in our classes. No contact is permitted until all protective gear is worn, and even then it is light and super controlled.

What equipment do I need to buy?  Focus mitts are provided. You should invest in some hand wraps (£6) as soon as possible.  After the initial Beginner Membership, gloves, special KB shoes and kickboots need to be purchased to continue to make contact on the focus mitts, so that your joints are cushioned. However you can train without investing in kit and just air work, rather than hit the pads.  Click here for more equipment info. All kit must be purchased through KB Kickboxing.

What shall I wear?  Wear something comfortable.  e.g. track suit bottoms and a T-shirt (no shorts please). Training is bare foot, although you are welcome to wear trainers if your foot is injured. Or you can purchase our special KB Martial Arts shoes for £20. 

I'm really unfit, overweight and uncoordinated. Will I be able to do this?  The classes are there to help you get fit and, if desired, to lose weight. Co-ordination will improve with practice. The instructors are very encouraging and understanding, so you would never be pushed to extreme limits, nor made to feel uncomfortable. It is important you take the classes at your own pace.

I am not a beginner, can I still sign up? Of course, we have many classes that you could slot into; our lessons cater to beginners, all the way through to black belts. 

Can I practise Kung Fu Classes in London too?  Yes, join our unlimited scheme and you could be learning both Kickboxing and Kung Fu.  Visit for more information.

If you still have unanswered questions, please e-mail us and we will respond as soon as possible.  We hope to hear from you soon.



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