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In 2020, after 23+ years of teaching martial arts classes in a physical dojo, the pandemic struck and Kelly Bunyan, KB Fitness’s Chief Instructor, had to quickly embrace modern technology and take the KB Kickboxing, KB Self Defence and KB Kung Fu classes online. If you would like to learn more about each martial arts discipline we offer, click on the aforementioned links. Our online classes are available simultaneously via two platforms: Zoom and Facebook Live. Some people like the individual feedback they receive on Zoom, it’s interactive, others prefer FB Live so they’re not on camera, but can share comments and still feel part of the #kbfamily.

The online classes have proved to be very popular for so many different reasons.

For example, ex-members, who moved away from London are now able to train with us again. Existing members, whose workplace has moved outside of London, can continue training with us / haven’t had to leave now that they can train online. New members are loving the convenience, the fact that they don’t have to commute, that they can train any time of the day, that they can still train on a work trip or holiday.


The benefits are endless. Even though you’re training virtually alongside your instructor and fellow KB members, there is a profound sense of community:

  • The live classes enable members to ‘meet’ each other. If watching on FB Live, comments can be written throughout class, or if on Zoom, there are lots of high fives and waves from one screen to the next. Our members say hi during the stretch and water breaks.
  • Outside of class times, everybody connects through the school’s WhatsApp group, positive messages about training are regularly exchanged.
  • Zoom socials are very popular, enabling everybody to get to know one another from wherever they are in the world.

Online martial arts training is a great, convenient way for you to release endorphins, feel empowered and push your fitness to a whole new KB Kickboxing level. Dinner and the shower will be at the ready, as soon as you finish your class, you don’t have to carry a kit bag, nor rush to get there on time - what a treat! You could even get an online KB Kickboxing Black belt if you’d like to set such a great goal.


To give you a taster, the first KB Kickboxing online trial class is FREE. You can choose to train with us at KB Kickboxing live on Monday at 6pm or Wednesday at 6pm & 7pm. Or you can watch one of those classes in our FB Catch Up group, Monday to Friday, 9am - 7pm.

We have an extensive catalogue of available classes. Dedicated complete beginner classes, or archived live classes going back many months. If you join our Unlimited Scheme, the access to KB Kickboxing and KB Kung Fu is 24/7. Take a look at our JOIN page to learn more about the fees.

The archived classes are pre-recorded and available in our FB group Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm. You can train alone, or with others, for the same fee. 

If keen to do a KB Self Defence class, the fee is £15 for one class, or £60 for 6 classes. To join, you can pay for this on our KB Shop.

To get started at KB Kung Fu, you would need to start out in KB Kickboxing before training at KB Kung Fu.

Which day would you like to start your martial arts career in either KB Kickboxing or  online and benefit from the KB positivity?